Wateroom : The first bathroom sharing platform

Wateroom : La 1ère application qui permet de louer une salle de bain

Who has never felt like, in the middle of a long day, taking a shower to recover ? But if you are far from home, this desire can quickly turn into a nightmare… Like many others, Jean-Charles Villanova experienced it during a trip abroad. From there came the idea of a crazy project : Create a system that would allow to find a bathroom nearby wherever you are in the world. From this idea was born a start-up. Founded by 4 young Corsicans, Wateroom will launch this year the world’s first bathroom sharing platform.

Rent out a bathroom is now possible

Born after a trip abroad, the Wateroom concept is both innovative and very simple to assimilate, it is a platform where everyone can rento out his bathrooms. The challenge is to democratize this new concept in the same way as private rentals of all kinds of services such as car-sharing, exchanging or renting apartments, renting cars, washing machines and many other things. There is now a trend towards the uberisation of all sectors of the economy and nothing seems to be able to stop this change in habits. There are still a few sectors strangely spared by this great economic revolution, the bathroom is one of them,” explains Maxime Poli, co-founder of the project.

Rent out my bathroom with my phone

The concept will work in the same way as many other private booking platforms. The host will make his bathroom available, it will be referenced on the website and the Wateroom application. The user who needs this service will be able to book his bathroom via his smartphone for between 15min and 1 hour for a few euros paid directly to the host. The start-up will charge a commission on the transaction between the host and the user.


Wateroom available for businesses

Professional such as hotels, campsites, sports halls can also be referenced on Wateroom. For professional guests the concept is essentially the same except that the transaction is carried out directly between the user and the professional making his structures available, Wateroom then only charges an annual fee to the professional so that it is listed on the online directory.

Who can rent out a bathroom ?

Everybody ! By creating this service Wateroom responds in particular to a strong demand from sportsmen, workers far from their homes and travellers who practice off-road tourism (road-trip, vans, wild camping…).

Where can we use Wateroom ?

“For the launch of Wateroom, Paris will be the most targeted city, for obvious reasons of demography, potential and facilities for our teams. Of course,we will also find many Bathrooms in Corsica. Over the first weeks after the launch our test market will be the French and Corsican market, with many hosts already referenced across the country. The objective is to make our mark on this market in order to be able to expand our network at European level then very quickly worldwide.” explains Maxime.

Behind Wateroom, a friends’ band

“Our team is composed of 4 founders. Jean-Charles Villanova and myself decided to create Wateroom and are in charge of the commercial and communication part. Anthony Albertini and François Mariotti are in charge of the technical part and development of the application and the website.” childhood friends who are at the origin with Maxime Poli of the application Compru in Corsu which references the Corsophone shops in Corsica and in the world. The small band from Bastia announces the arrival of Wateroom in the coming months… No need to go home between the beach and parties 😉


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