Tirée par les cheveux, the confession book of Lisa Bettini

Lisa Bettini

Tirée par les cheveux, the confession book of Lisa Bettini

What would you say about never feeling alone in your lonely moments again ? It’s the challenge of Lisa Bettini’s book, Tirée par les cheveux. A collection of little stories from everyday life written with a lot of humour !

Her first book

Sent on land to represent Corsica in Paris, she quickly made a place for herself in the advertising world. After a few years at Publicis, she turned to the media world, especially the press and TV. Lisa Bettini joined the editorial staff of Canal+, the Cannes Film Festival. She also writes for Marie-Claire and presents her daily column on the regional channel of France Télévision.

Lisa Bettini

Between one thing and the other, the plane that takes her from Ajaccio to Paris has become familiar. She takes the opportunity to write her mood tickets which, with time, end up piling up in her bag until she can’t find her keys. From there came the desire to unpack everything, and to set to music his little pieces of paper to make a funny and inventive collection.

A book full of little news and stories that happened to her and that could have happened to you. “Shameful” passages in our lives, moments when we feel alone… just to never be alone again!” That’s the whole bet of Tirée par les cheveux.

Tirée par les cheveux, le livre de Lisa Bettini
But to see the light of day, this amazing book needs your support. A Ulule campaign was launched to finance the publication of her first book. Here is a little taste of her writing 😉

Août l'enfer du décor, Lisa Bettini

Août l'enfer du décor, Lisa Bettini

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