Ricordi di Petru-Pà : When corsican music goes overseas

Présentation de la page facebook Ricordi di Petru-Pà. Ici chanson l'alta strada par Stéphane Murrucciu

Export corsican music overseas

We can easily find on Facebook hundreeds of pages containing corsican pictures, but only a few of them are dedicated to corsican music.
Ricordi di Petru-Pà : Between concerts and student parties
Launched since april 2015, the facebook page Ricordi di Petru-Pà has became the place to discover corsican music on internet. We can watch hundreeds of videos where are performing well-known artists and new talents as well. The biggest part of these videos are made during concerts. But the thing that make this page so different is that a lot of videos take place in students parties in Corte or in bars located in corsican villages. Videos allow to promote new talents on Internet. This immersive concept allows as well to show people the true corsican music, that is sung by people in the street, at the village or in any other kind of places.

Chjami è Rispondi at the Bip’s Bar in Corte

Export corsican music abroad
Corsican evenings spent at village and in typical bars come back easily to our mind when we get sad and nostalgic. It’s without doubt this reference to souvenirs, and immersion given by these videos that explain the Ricordi di Petru-Pà success. The page is followed by 11 000 Fans located in Corsica, France and Italy. In addition to Facebook, corsican songs are also available on the YouTube channel (650 000 videos views in total).

La chaîne YouTube de Ricordi di Petru-Pà sur le thème de la musique corseYouTube Channel Ricordi di Petru-Pà

Coming soon

French subtitles will be insert in all videos to allow corsican songs to be listened and understood by French-speakers.

The second main project : The website launch where will feature videos, lyrics, and music compositions for a better discovery of corsican music ! These projects are coming in the same time than the launch of its new business. Specialised in various sectors like pictures, videos and informatic services like website creation for instance, Petru-Pà is now offering his services with the compagny SPSI. An adventure fo follow with us on Andemu !

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