What is a residence of acceleration for start-ups ?

villa sur la route des sanguinaires avec vue sur la mer pour la résidence accélération des start-ups corses organisé par la corsican thec

What is a residence of acceleration for start-ups ?

For the 3rd edition of Quartiers Numériques d’Ajaccio, the Corsican Tech opened to Andemu the doors of its residence of acceleration dedicated to Corsican start-ups. The goal ? During 4 days and 4 nitghs, inovative companies are boosted by a team of experts… But what people do during these 4 days ? Andemu went to this event and tells you what it saw

Because evasion increases creaivity…

Great ideas do not born when you stay in your office… That is very close to the spirit of this residence of acceleration in Ajaccio.

The organization chosed a wonderful property on Scudo hills between Ajaccio and Sanguinaires islands. A property hosting 15 people who come from Corsica and outside. People can work indoor or outside in the balcunny with seavieuw. A lo of coffee is served all the day and the place is perfect to drink a glass of wine or beer at the sundown. All these things located just a few minutes by foot to the beach…

villa sur la route des sanguinaires avec vue sur la mer pour la résidence accélération des start-ups corses organisé par la corsican thec
Vue panoramique sur le golfe d’Ajaccio depuis la villa réquisitionnée pour la résidence accélération

Who can work in these conditions ?

The Corsican Tech  is the accelarator of start-ups of Corsica. Directed by Jean Leccia,  the organizm is looking for start-ups to put them together in order to help them to work together to increase their ideas and their reputations in the world. On the 20 start-ups hosted by The Corsican Tech, 4 have been chosed to take part to this residence that takes places now in Sanguinaires road in Ajaccio. 

bowkr, compru in corsu, le bon produit au bon endroit, data sensia sont les 4 start-ups sélectionnées par Corsican Tech pour la résidence d'accélération avec Ekito
Les 4 start-ups corses sélectionnées pour la résidence d’accélération
  • Bowkr : A booking talents plaform that puts together professionnals all over the world in various sectors like fashion, video, spectacle, numeric…
  • Compru In Corsu : The network of businesses who speak Corsican during their activities hosts today more than 300 companies in Corsica, but also in France and somewhere else in the world.
  • Le Bon Produit Au Bon Endroit : A plate-forme that highlights businessess that take their food to local makers.
  • Data Sensia : A corsican start-up that makes applications to analyse and treat datas and answer to the big data problem.

The 4 start-ups are teached during 4 days & 4 nights by a team of 6 experts coming from Corsica and outside. This team is composed by Francescu Santoni and Clémence Lévèque, members of Corsican Tech. They are followed by Guillaume Cerquant, Nicolas Deverge, Mélanie Tisnes-Versailles et Benjamin Bühle-Roitelet. All of them are part of Ekito, an accelerator with a team of 60 experts who have lead more than 200 start-ups since 2005.

résidence d'accélération aux quartiers numériques d'Ajaccio pour 4 start ups corses
L’équipé d’experts qui accompagnera les 4 start-ups corses sélectionnées par la Corsican Tech

Open innovation is the divine wordof this kind of events. Works in group are organized because start-ups are used to work alone. Then in contact with other start-ups, all development aspects are studied : Design, communication, marketing, business model… 

Résidence accélération start-ups corses à Ajaccio organisée par Corsican Tech avec Ekito pour les quartiers numériques

Those who read again while they are in the office might ask to themself “When could my company participate to this kind of event ?” It seems that things go fast with the launch of the Club Innovation by Corsican Tech ! A story to follow on Andemu 😉

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