London : The new laboratory of Corsican diaspora ?

soiree corse à londres organisée par l'association isula viva et emencipa corsa

London : The new laboratory of Corsican diaspora ?

Associations Isula Viva and Emancipa Corsa are organizing tonight a corsican evening in London. Around 50 corsican people and friends of corsica will reach this event. More than a simple party, this evening could mark the launch of new coriscan projects abroad.
Does corsican diaspora really exist ?
We say that Corsica counts around 1 million people whose come from the island and that live all over the world… 320 000 of them are islanders. That means three quarters of corsicans live outside Corsica. But compaired with other islands whose have known people evasions in their stories, like Ireland, Corsica does not get a well structured diaspora.

For proof, we do not have a lot of Corsican activities abroad and we get a few corsican offices established in the world. By the way, the London corsican office has been closed 2 years ago.

soirée corse à Londres pour ré ouvrir l'amicale des corses en Angleterre
What is a Corsican office abroad ?
This is an association that puts together people who share common things or origins. In this case, we talk about Corsica. These associations organize events which the main purposes are to :

  • Deliver to corsican people established aborad an immersive evening with a “nustrale” atmosphere.
  • Make new connections between corsican people established abroad to create new economic opportunities for the island.

In this way, a corsican office which closes its doors is a very bad thing for the island notoriety abroad. So it’s very urgent to make something
A corsican evening to re-open the London corsican office

More than a simple party, the Londonian evening organized on friday April 8th by Isula Viva and Emancipa Corsa associations gets a well-defined goal : the Re-opening of the London corsican office. That represents the first step of an ambitious project which consists to create corsican ambassies in foreign countries where corsican people live.

The place of this corsican evening : The Toulouse Lautrec Brasserie and Jazz Bar

According to Pierre-Paul Battesti, Isula Viva association Président,

London is a little step in the new era for the development of the corsican diaspora. In this way, it appears very useful today to create and build corsican ambassies abroad, with the accord of welcome countries. The goal is to make culture and commercial connections between Corsica and the world easier. Then, it’s very important for us to make the island known by the english press. Finally this evening will ask the question of new corsican officies opening in other nations of the UK like Scotland, Wales, and Ireland as well, where a lot of Corsican people live.

According to the Isula Viva President,

London will be a laboratory to develop a new bridge to connect Corsica to the word

Reach the evening
The evening starts from 6.30pm at the Toulouse Lautrec Brasserie & Jazz Bar, a french brasserie located in South London. The brasserie is composed by several universes with a live concert part, a piano bar room completed by the restaurant. For this important evening, the organization decided to leave the animation programmation to Jean-Toussaint Torre, a young corsican guy of 23 known in the Londonian spectacle world.


Entrance 5£ : Tickets are available here

Address :

Brasserie and wine bar Toulouse Lautrec

140 Newington Butts, London SE11 4RN

Facebook Page Toulouse Lautrec Brasserie & Jazz Bar

One thought on “London : The new laboratory of Corsican diaspora ?

  1. Merci pour ce tres bel article (j’ecris de Londres sur un clavier qwerty et je ne sais pas ou sont les accents…)
    Nous avons pu reunir pas al de monde, certes, mais le weekend de Paques aura ete un handicap cependant.
    Nous allons, Isula Viva et ses partenaires faire mieux tres prochainement. MEDIA CORSICA est lance… allez le lire :

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