This corsican start-up has just raised 18.5 million euros

Interview avec Eric Leandri, co-fondateur du moteur de recherche Qwant

The Qwant search engine has just raised 18.5 million euros from the German press group Alex Springer and Caisse des Dépôts, which has acquired a 15 million euro stake. The goal : Continue to conquer the European market and become a serious threat to Google.

What is Qwant ?

Co-founded in 2013 by Eric Leandri, Qwant is the first search engine that respects the privacy of Internet users. Unlike Google, Qwant does not use cookies, no browsing history when you type a query. A few months ago, CEO Eric Leandri gave us an interview for the 6th edition of Bastia Ville Digitale. He explains what led him to create this search engine and also the way he looks at digital in Corsica.

Reach 500 Million euros by 2021

This last operation brings to 53.5 Million euros the funds raised by the Corsican search engine for 4 years. Qwant reportedly recorded 2.6 billion requests last year. Every month, the number of requests registered on the engine increases by 20%, making it one of the 100 most visited websites in France. With this new lifting the anti-Google hopes to conquer 10% market share in Europe and thus reach a turnover of 500 million euros by 2021.

Le moteur de recherche Qwant à la conquête de l'Europe
Qwant à la conquête de l’Europe

A start-up that does not forget where it comes from

Qwant now has 70 employees and hopes to reach a thousand employees within 4 years. This makes him one of the biggest European start-ups. However, the search engine does not forget where it comes from. Firstly, because it creates jobs in Corsica by recruiting employees based on the island in key positions. Then because it is the first search engine fully available in Corsican language. Finally because it plays a major role in the development of digital in Corsica. In addition to its partnership with the Sporting Club de Bastia, Qwant is a partner of the Corsican Tech and the events Bastia Ville Digitale, Ajaccio Quartiers Numériques

Qwant, le 1er moteur de recherche en langue corse
Qwant, le 1er moteur de recherche en langue corse

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