Laura, a Corsican girl in Boston

Le blog Andemu rencontre Laura, une Corse partie tenter l'aventure à Boston aux Etats-Unis

Laura, a Corsican girl in Boston

Because diaspora is the first showcase of Corsica in the world, because Corsican people are in love with travels, or just to get the best places abroad tested by people who come from your city or your island, Andemu had too much good reasons to launch its new rubric Corsican abroad…

For this first post, Andemu met Laura, a young girl from Ajaccio who left Corsica 8 months ago to try her American Dream to Boston. You live overseas and you want to share your experience with the Andemu community ? Just send me an mail to 😉

Why did you go to US ?

I had the chance to travel sometimes to North America since 2008. But I wanted to discover US in a different way, to make a real immersion into the culture, traditions, way of life…

Laura, une Corse à Boston, photos de voyage dans la vallée de la mort

What do you do there ?

I decided to go to US as Au Pair after some discussions I had with a friend who made that experience and my english teacher who told me a lot about this program. It is difficult to go to US for a 1-year period, studies are expensive, accomodations as well,  and it is very difficult to get a Visa for this kind of period. 

L'hiver New Yorkais raconté par Laura sur le blog AndemuNew building at the 9/11 memorial – New York

How difficult it is to get a Visa for a 1-year period ?

To be Au Pair is a good way to get a Visa for 1 or 2 years. In the same time, that gives you the possibility to make money. That is the perfect option for those who like to spend time with children. On the other hand, you have a lot of free-time and the money you make is all for you as the family gives you accomodation and food for free. That is also the best way to dicover american culture as you live 1 year in an american family.

Tell us more about Boston

Boston is an attractive and cool city. There are a lot of things to do as the city is big and peaceful at the same time, while New York seems always to be full. If in Corsica we can see 4 seasons in the same day, weather in Boston region is very different, we live really 4 seasons. Summer is shorter and winter stronger. The trafic into the city is catastrophic, we do not use klaxon to say Hello but to attack people ! There are very good restaurants, cool places to make parties but bars and nightclubs close at 2am. People are cool and open minded at first but hypocrites in real.

Que faire à Boston ? Réponse sur le blog Andemu avec Laura, une corse qui vit aux Etats-UnisSunset in Boston

Your favourite places in Boston

The must to see in Boston ? Fenway (a match of redsox), NBA with celtics, the freedom trail : a walk crossing Boston and its old monuments that you can make alone or with a guide, very cultural, Quincy Market : A place where you can find street-food festivals with shows and local specials like the lobster roll. There is Harvard in Cambridge, Charles esplanade that is a long frontsea walk close to a river with little bridges, it is very peaceful. My favourite districts are beacon hill, north end and seaport district and finally Cambridge.

Which places did you visit out of Boston since your arrival ?

For the moment, out of Boston I visited Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Diego, Death Valley, Niagara falls,  and New York.

Laura, une corse à Boston raconte au blog Andemu son voyage aux Etats-UnisNew York from Top of the Rock

By the way, you made a Blog to share your adventures… What can we find out there ?

My blog has nothing special, that is the first time I held one. I wanted to share my passion for travel and food. I love visit, take pictures and test restaurants. There are a lot of pictures on my blog. I am epicurian, I am happy with daily simple pleasures. My blog is here to share my adventure all along the year and to make discover places I loved, if that can give some ideas to someones, it is great !

Vue panoramique sur Los AngelesLos Angeles from Griffith Park

Do you easily find out Corsican products in Boston ?

I discovered that some restaurants offered Corsican wines but I did not test them yet : 
– le mamma maria : Patrimonio Leccia at 60 euros and Gentile blanc at 62 euros the bottle.
-study : le faustine dom. Comte Abbatucci at 80 euros the bottle.

-Bacco’s : Domaine Maestracci – E Prove at 20-30 dollars the bottle.

Dans son interview accordé au blog Andemu, Laura nous donne des adresses pour trouver du vin corse aux Etats-Unis
Ou trouver du Vin de Corse à Boston ?

There is also a website vinopedia that gives you all places to buy Wines of Corsica in US. From that I could see, the main places where we can find that are liquors and spirits based in NYC.

It is very hard to find out Corsican products, but I think it is easier in NYC. But that is funny because Spannish and Italians have a biscuit very similar to our Canistrelli and the last time I went to a French restaurant, the waiter brought us this biscuit with the bill, that was slacker and less good than Canistrelli!!


Do the Americans know Corsica ?

For the short story, I met a former sommelier who knew Corsica just for its good wine 😉. But out of this case, that is depends. Half of people tell me I am so lucky to come from this island, and they would love to visit it. Some people already came to Corsica and some do not know the island at all. The biggest part of people know Corsica because they studied European story and so they know Corsica for Napoleon. 

Would you have some advices to give to young people who want to go to US ?

For young people who want to go to US, I advice them to do that, to not hesitate. I have no regrets and I would regret later if I would not made this adventure. It is an amazing experience that helps you to become to open-minded and more mature. The aupair Visa is not too expensive and more and more men start to do it as well. You have to are between 18 and 26 and get the driving license and the Bachelor’s Degree.

Les chutes du Naigara au Canada - Photo de Laura, une corse à Boston qui raconte son aventure américaine sur le blog AndemuNiagara falls

And your upcoming projects ?

For the moment, I do not know. Before all, I want to go back to Paris next year to finish my Advocate studies and after that to work in Corsica. Then I like international law. I let things come and I try to meet intersting people for my career, we will see later what will come. But that experience made me craziest than ever with traveling. 

To go further :

To know all good places tested by Laura around US and Canada, just go to her Blog or to her Instagram account 😉


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