Corsica, a land of cinema ?

La nature corse, un décor idyllique pour le cinéma ?

Corsica, a land of cinema ?

Founded in May 2016, Gurkin Invest Films has achieved its objective of raising €1 million to finance films in the Marseille region. Following this success, the start-up created by Sabrina Roubache decided to set up in Corsica to duplicate the model.

When cinema uses crowdfunding

While public money is becoming scarce, the film industry has to be ingenious to find new fundings, such as crowdfunding, endowment funds and tax-exempt tools.  It is through that ways that Gurkin Invest Films is about to complete its first year by raising €1 million in tax-exempt funds for the development and financing of film productions in the Marseille region.

Gurkin Invest Films settles in Corsica

With the desire to develop fastly in new territories, the start-up created by Sabrina Roubache arrives in Corsica in 2017 with the aim to achieve the same objective as her sister based in Marseille and following the same approach. That means, territoriality of expenditure and filming in Corsica in order to boost the economy of the island.

When you ask the founder of Gurkin Invest Films, why Corsica? She says “see a whole ecosystem of the film industry. There are technicians, intermittent, but also an incredible wealth of sceneries, a rate of sunshine equivalent to that of Marseille, or even higher. And a welcoming population, when you bring employment in an intelligent way, it makes you a warm welcome.”

And the projects are coming quickly with a film planned for May in Corsica. It is a comedy by Jérôme L’ Hotsky, with a budget of €4 million, featuring Thierry Lhermitte, Charlotte de Turkheim and Alisson Paradis. His name:”We should have gone to Greece.”

Corsica, land of cinema ?

When we know that 60% of French advertising films are shot abroad in distant countries such as South Africa, we can ask ourselves the question of the use of amazing natural sceneries that Corsica hosts  less than 2 hours of flight from biggests European cities…

Profiter des décors naturels de la Corse pour le cinéma ? Coucher de soleil à Roccapina

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