Justine, a Corsican girl in Scotland

Justine, une Corse de Bonifacio en Ecosse - Interview à retrouver sur Andemu

Justine, a Corsican girl in Scotland

From Porto-Vecchio to Scotland, Andemu met Justine, a young corsican girl who is living in Scotland for 3 months. You live overseas and you want to share your experience with the Andemu community ? Just send me an mail to andemu@gmail.com 😉

Why did you choose to go to Scotland ?

I have always be attracted by Scotland, maybe because my parents went there when my mother was pregnant, I do not know.

It is a land rich in history who fought , not always with great success , to preserve its culture and live in freedom. That remains me a little bit our island ! We went there for the first time in December 2014, when Johann and myself were studying in Bristol. We stayed 2 weeks there, and even if the weather was cold, we loved this country, its culture, its landscapes, and its lights so particular that only exist in nordic countries in winter. So we decided to go back there this year.

Justine Muzy, une corse qui réalise son stage en EcosseJustine, une Corse en Ecosse

What do you do there ?

We are here to do an internship. I am in Master’s degree of Tourism and Johann in Master’s degree of Management Sciences. Both of us at the University of Corsica. I found an amazing internship in a small company – composed by 1 person – that builds tailored travels around Scotland. The name is Uniquely Scotland . My boss, Archie, launched the company 3 years ago, and business is growing fastly. I love this job because it allows me to learn more about the place where we live and to organize amazing week-ends! In addition to that, Archie is very kind, he provides us a flat, make us discover a lot of places and come with us fisching. We are very lucky!

Archie also helped Johann to find his internship! He has a friend who manages a digital marketing agency, Wild Grass Media, who was looking for a trainee. Anna is super and Johann is so happy to manages social medias for several companies.

uniquely soctland, dmc and travel agency in scotland where justine is doing an internship

How did you find an internship in Scotland ?

I always do the same process when I am looking for an internship. I think about tasks I would like to do. I do not like to do the same task all the day, so I am always looking for small companies. Once I decided which skills I would like to improve, I think about positions that could match with me. Then I write a CV per each position and I write a list of companies which I am interest in. Then I personalize each message and I send emails until someone gives me a positive answer.  


For this internship, I sent 15 emails, and Johann made the same thing. We wanted to be together and so we focused our search on Edinburgh. But companies wanted trainees fot 5 months at least, and we had to come back to Corsica in early July to work in my family business. We kept searching till find Archie and Anna. We made an interview with Skype and the contract was signed…

Photo de Portree sur l'île de Skye prise par Justine, une corse en EcossePortree sur l’île de Skye


Did you receive any financial helps ?

Fortunately yes, because it would be too difficult without that ! We have a mobility grant provided by the region, and we are still waiting for the Erasmus + grant. I am very thankful to European and region help, but I think that could be better organised. We received answers for these 2 grants a month after our arrival to Scotland, that means we depended on our parents’ money to live. I am lucky, my parents can help me, but if Johann would been alone, he would had to come back home. I am wondering how things go on when parents can not give enough money to help their children. In addition to that, we have to give 4 time the same informations and to fill long applications. I think the time has come to process with Internet.

Justine, une corse en écosse raconte ses parties de pêche dans les Lochs EcossaisLa pêche dans les Lochs Ecossais

Tell us more about Scotland

With its culture and its landscapes, Scotland is a country of contrast. Scottish people are a bit “skizofrenic” as they are between the scottish culture, the english culture, and the European culture that is very popular here compared with England. And actually, a lot of people are unable to choose between these 3 cultures when you talk with them about past and upcoming referendums  

I met warm and shy people at the same time – Does it remain you something ? Scotland, is also the place where when the bell of the Pub is ringing, people run to the bar to drink their last pint. This is a lovely country to live in, and where we find a lot of products and where the food is  very tasty (cuntrary to what people think about UK) and despite of unexpected associations !

Nature is also well-preserved, and it is so easy to pass from Lochs to rocky mountains, via green fields and forests. Nature is present everywhere and everyday we are surprised to see deers, pheasants or roes in our garden.

This is a wealthy land that remain us Corsica.. Just go there, you will see !

Les vaches Ecossaises des Highlands prises par Justine, une corse qui réalise un stage en Ecosse

Your favorites places in Scotland ?

I love especially 2 restaurants. The first one is in Edinburgh, on Royal Mile, and its name is the Month ith’s. This is a chic restaurant with a cocktail bar and lovely products. The atmosphere is so cool and the design is very nice. Their beef filet is very good … even better than my favorite one in Corsica !

Justine, une corse en Ecosse à EdinburghEdinburgh

An other cosy place : The Inn on the Tay. This small restaurant close to the tallest Scotland’s river is very good. It is very beautiful with a local decoration with antlers, canddles and bottles. A typical Scottish restaurant. The food is lovely, I tasted a pie sausage with old-made mustard and that was delicious and very beautiful.

sausage pie inn on the tay edinburgh - cuisine ecossaiseSausage Pie at the Inn on the Tay – Edinbugh

After that in Dunblane, the city where we live, we like the Riverside, a modern pub with a warm atmosphere and a nice card. There is also the indian restaurant Mr Singh’s, I think it is a part of a brand. I never tasted indian food before, and I have now to get their Creamy Tikka Masala recipe before to go back home, anyway, I will be depressed…

We have a lot of other places to advise you, but we would need some hours to do that. If you would like to know them, feel free to visit my blog O’Ghjù  and my Instagram (@nofoodnobottle) 

How are Scottish people ?

Untill 2 days ago, I could say that all Scottish with I talked to known Corsica. But when we went to Glasgow we met 4 people who did not heard anything about our island. I guess the situation is the same everywhere, that depends which area you live in and which people you talk to. But those who heart talk about Corsica dream to go there, but few of them have already went here. I am trying to promote my island and I hope that Archie, his women Jo and his daughter Sophia would come soon to Corsica but that would not be enough to make our wonderful island popular in Scotland !

Eilean Donan Castle, les endroits à voir en EcosseEilean Donan Castle

Do you find Corsican products in Scotland ?

No one! I live in a small city and I am not looking for corsican products because my parents send me a lot of charcuterie, beer, and canistrelli from Corsica. And I am sur that a market exists for our products : people loved charcuterie and beer I offered them and they ask me that again and again ! Businesses, it is your turn !


Which are the best places to see in Scotland ?

To be honnest, with my job, I discover everyday new places and I do not have enough time to visit everything, even if I am staying 3 months there. If I would choose, I would advise to visit Edinburgh. Then the coast between Fort William and Mallaig, a small port, in western Scotland, then take the boat to Isle of Skye, if possible out of season as it is over-crowded in Jully-August (like Palombaggia !). To come back from Skye, take the ferry from Kylerrhea to Glenelg.  Then an other wonderful road to see is the one between Applecross and Torridon.

Voyage : Les endroits à voir absolument en Ecosse, par justine, une corse en EcosseTorridon, dans l’Ouest de l’Ecosse

There are a lot of wonderful villages I loved to visit, like Dunkeld and some fishing villages located around St Andrews.

Inverness is also a wonderful area to visit.

For those who love old books, the Innerpeffray library. The oldest Scottish library loans its books. It is located in a lovely place close to Crieff, close to a little chapel and its cimetery. Inside, you will find all the books you love. I asked books about Corsica and I found a funny description of our island in a book of 17th century : « les habitants sont grossiers, têtus, pauvres, incultes et utilisent un italien corrompu ». J’ai trouvé que ça ressemblait à certains avis que l’on trouve encore aujourd’hui sur Tripadvisor, qui sont si loin de la vérité que ça en devient risible. 

A little description of the great world - un livre qui raconte l'histoire de la corse en angmaisA little description of the great world – Un livre écrit au XVII siècle qui consacre une partie à une description de la Corse, rédigée en ancien anglais

The best thing to visit Scotland is to go through little roads ‘called scenic roads or tourist roads. There have often only 1 way.

Your upcoming projects ?

We are going back to Corsica in July to work in the familial camping, the camping of Santa Lucia in Sainte Lucie de Porto-Vecchio. We worked there for some years ago now. Then we will end our master’s degree in Corte as entreprenership-students as we want to launch a business in Porto-Vecchio.

I also launched a blog where I talk about Scotland and Corsica. I want to make discover our island with its artisans and its makers, its culture and its historic monuments. By the way, if some of you want to make discover their works or their passions, do not hesitate to send me an email ! On this blog, I will also talk about our way of life we try to start now : Zeru frazu or no waste. That consists in a minimalist way of life based on the reuse of things.

Oghjù le blog voyage de Justine, une corse en ecosseO’Ghjù – Le blog de Justine

These things are difficult to do at the begining but they make your life easier and that allow you to save money. This way of life improve also local economy because we try to escape from supermarrkets and to buy local products. In our island where our landfills are full, people should learn to live in this way, as our grand-parents were living before.

Finally a lot of upcoming projects : travels, businesses link to tourism and digital. But I will not say more, I am affraid to attract bad feelings

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