Interview with Urelianu & Giorgio from Corsica Oggi

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Interview with Urelianu & Giorgio from Corsica Oggi

Only 90 Km exist between Corsica and Italy. Even if the island was under Italian power for many centuries, a few people remember about this part of history when Corsica had very close links with Italy. To bring back these links, and to highlight news of Corsica in Italy Urelianu and Giorgio launched a corsican newspaper in Italian. 1 year later, Corsica Oggi receives almost 30 000 readers each month spread between Milano, Firenze, Roma, the whole Italy, and overseas.

Corsica Oggi, le site d'information corse en italien

Why did you found a blog talking about Corsica in Italian ?

During centuries, Corsica had close links with Italy. Both languages took advantage from that proximity. Until the 20th century, Italian was the Corsica’s official language.  After that, history has past and these links have disappeared. Today people have almost forget these links. To have a corsican news blog written in Italian is an amazing way to make known Corsica in Italy, to make known Corsican language (we started to write some articles in Corsican) and to build a place where Corsican people can read and write in Italian language. We think this relationship with Italian can contributes to the preservation of Corsican language.

Which topics can we read on Corsica Oggi ?

All subjects ! Politics, sport, culture, history and everything that highlights the links that exist between Italy and Corsica, and therefore the questions about languages.

How do you follow news of Corsica ?

We translate articles read in french and corsican newspaper. Other articles are written by our italian and corsican partners. Since september 2015, we work with Fabien Landron, Italian teacher at University of Corsica, and his students. During their italian courses, they write contents, interviews with corsican people : artists, sport. They talk about corsican events without forget important topics like local agriulture of desertification of rural lands.

Where does your audience come from ?

Our public is composed by Corsicans (40%) and Italians. We meet also followers in US and Portuguese and people who come from Magrheb  and live in Corsica. The biggest part of our Corsican followers are based on Bastia and Ajaccio and in Paris as well.

And in Italy ?

Sardegna, Tuscany and Roma are the regions where we meet our biggest audience in Italy. Then, articles are read everywhere in Italy.

Une audience qui s'étend sur toute l'Italie et au-delà - Corsica Oggi
Une audience qui s’étend sur toute l’Italie et au-delà – Corsica Oggi

Is Corsica well established in Italy ?

A little corsican diaspora is present in Italy. That one is composed by students who want to follow their studies in Italy, and then by Corsicans who live and work in Italy. There are only a few people but their presence is very important. That diaspora has a big role to play for the development of links between Corsica and Italy.

Is it easy to find corsican products in Italy ?

Corsican products are not well-known in Italy but we think a huge opportunity exists! We have to highlight some things made recently in that way as the marketplace Lulì Shop (in french, corsican, english, italian) that highlights corsican creators to Italian market. Created by 2 young islanders, one of them already lived in Rome. We hope other things will be created in that way. Anyway other corsican products like the beer Pietra won to make their place in Italy.  

Are there any events organised to promote Corsica in Italy ?

Some events took place in Italy but there is no any regular to promote Corsica here. Here is an other opportunity to explore, moreover contents and people who can lead these actions are not missing ! For its products or its traditional economy or its creative economy, Corsica can find interesting opportunities in Italy. From a linguistic point, the edition company Albiana took part to the last editions of Pisa Book Festival. During these events, they realized that corsican language can be read without problem by Italien people. That means Italy could be a huge market for corsican litterature.

What do Italians think about Corsica ?

Even if the island is very close, Italians do not know very well Corsica. The island is only seen for the touristic aspect with beaches and a well-preserved nature. From the cultural point, Corsica is often assimilated for a french land. Its cultural and linguistic specificities and its proximity with Italy come after that first impression. I think that is an opportunity we missed, and we try to fix that by building bridges, relastionships and a better knowledge of Corsica.

Finally what are the upcoming projects for Corsica Oggi ?

Our first goal is improve what we started and increasing our audience – 27.000 readers each months 1 year after launch. We want to increase the part of readers from Corsica and our partners located in the island. We would like also to build new partnerships with Italian and Corsican teachers. Since a few weeks, we started to write articles in corsican. We would like also to increase the part of multimedia contents. Finally, we will support every projects which the purpose will be to develop links between Corsica, Italy and our languages.

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Corsica Oggi website

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