Interview with Thomas Doridam, Founder of Football France

Le fondateur de Football France Thomas Doridam se confie sur le blog Andemu et revient sur ses plus belles anecdotes

Interview with Thomas Doridam, Founder of Football France

Le Figaro, The Sun, As or The Bild in Germany, these big European medias are a small part of Thomas Doridam’s victims. In 2013, the Corsican launched with his friend Martin Tran the website Football France which the concept is to laugh with football news. Today the website gets more than 1 million readers each month. After 3 years and a lot of buzz, Thomas is currently writing for a lot of artists. Andemu recently met him, he shared with us his best memories about his experience.  

Interview avec Thomas Doridam, Fondateur du site Football France
Interview avec Thomas Doridam, Fondateur du site Football France

September 2013 : Two young students decided to realize their dream 

Thomas met Martin when they were students in a french business school. They decided to launch Football France in September 2013. A few weeks after, the website was known all over the country.

December 2013 : The first erthquake

For french medias, the earthquake begun in fall 2013. “We made the first buzz in November with our aticle announcing that Cyril Hanouna and D8 wanted to diffuse the French Team games. One month after, we made a national buzz with the Franck Ribery’s mistake between Nelson Mandela and Uncle Ben’s !”

Franck Ribery confond Mandela et Uncle Bens : Interview avec Thomas Doridam de Football France sur Andemu
3 ans après, Google porte encore les cicatrices des révélations de Franck Ribery

Your Top 5 since 2013 ?

“If I had to choose I would say first the interview with Franck Ribéry : “I became muslim but I miss chicken” 

Then I would say the “French Team defeat versus the substitution team with 6 goals of Hatem Ben Arfa and the player of Lens that made a mistake between his mother and his sister and made love with her, and also the one with seek children visiting OM players to make them happy

The Telegraph piégé par le faux entretien d'Emanuel Adebayor publié par Football France
The Telegraph piégé par le faux entretien d’Emmanuel Adebayor publié par Football France

The last one made an earthquake all over Europe : The interview with Emmanuel Adebayor and Bruno Genesio in Lyon , when the player came with its cigarette and drunk Whiskey, he asked also an helicopter and a property in Corsica to Jean-Michel Aulas’ club. The interview has been diffused in England by The Sun and The Telegraph, in Germany by The Bild and in Spain as well by El Mundo Deportivo and As. That wrong interview made Football France known all over Europe. But when you ask Thomas the article out of cast, he brings us into a Corsican bar… 

February 2014 : The out of cast

“We told that SC Bastia took Krakor Krasic instead of Milos Krasic, his brother ! The article shocked a lot of people in Corsica. Some days after, I spent an evening in Corte. I was in a bar located in Cours Paoli, and I heard a talk about that “You’ve seen for Krasic, The Sporting was wrong, his brother is playing!”.  So I decided to say to that guy he was wrong, that was a mistake, a creation from myself. But when I explained that wih my glass, the guy was laughing, he did not believe me….”

Today is your redaction biggest than France Football ?

“No, we decided to stay the same as the first day, Martin and me, we are the writers, this is our baby  ;)”

And excepted Football France ?

Thomas macagne also people in Closest Virginie Estrem-Monjouste. Since the Football France success, many people asked Thomas’ services. He has written for many artists such Jean-Luc Lemoine or Younes and Bamdi of Jamel Comedy Club but also more serious platforms like  TF1. Today he is writting his first One Man Show with Sylvain Nigaglioni.

Thomas Doridam est aussi auteur pour des humoristes comme Jean-Luc Lemoine - blog Andemu

Andemu  can only advise you to follow this amazing corsican writer 😉

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