Interview with Serena, Bichjeru Founder


Interview with Serena, Bichjeru Founder

Traveling is the only thing you buy and that make you richest. And that is probably because traveling brings you new ideas that you can improve to give them an other aspect. That is the story of Bichjeru, a Corsican customizable, reusable and recyclable glass created by Serena, a young mom of 36 years old who comes from Monte. A company that was founded after a travel to Euskadi, in Basque Country…
How was born the idea to launch Bichjeru ?

This project was born 10 years ago when I traveled to Euskadi. At this period, this Spanish concept was envading this area of Europe.

Which materials do you use to make these recyclable glasses ?

Polypropylene, a sterilizable and recyclable and neutral plastique.

What is the concept of Bichjeru ?
The concept is to sort waste at the origin by replacing things that can be thrown away by reusable and recyclable things.

interview avec serena trojani, fondatrice de bichjeru : le gobelet corse recyclable et réutilisable
The concept of Bichjeru : Replacing things that can be thrown away by reusable and recyclable things

Can everyone customize his own glass ?
All glasses we make are customizable by everybody in 1 or several colors.

How many models did you make since the begining ? 
We worked with more than 100 clients since Bichjeru was founded in March 2014.

If you would have to choose your 5 best creations ? 
Our 3 collections with corsican artists Anto, Marcè Lepidi-Acquaviva and Mlle Rose, then the Zilia and ACA model. Our glasses are more beautiful since we changed our provider.

collection bichjeru gobelet corse réutilisable et recyclable réalisé par l'artiste de Calvi Anto Fils de Pop
The Bichjeru collection made with Anto fils de Pop
les verres corses bichjeru designé par Marcè Lepidi-Acquaviva, l'artiste corse
The Bichjeru collection made with Marcè Lepidi-Acquaviva
Dans son interview sur le blog Andemu, Serena Trojani, la créatrice de Bichjeru présente la Collection 2016 du gobelet corse recyclable élaborée avec Mlle Rose
The new collection Bichjeru made with the Corsican artist Mlle Rose
Gobelet corse recyclable Bichjeru Zilia
The Zilia model

Do you sell your products out of Corsica ?
The biggest part of our glasses are sold in Corsica but we sell 10% of our products out of the island!

Where can we buy your recyclable glasses ?
Series with Corsican artists are sold in a lot of concept-stores in Corsica and Nice. For the customizable glasses, the best option is to make an order directly from our website.

Your reusable glasses are now present in Football stadiums…
Yes we are present in Timizzolu stadium since a few times. We should sign a partenership with GFCA foot and maybe volley as well. It will remain the last big club to seduce :)

Interview avec Serena Trojani la fondatrice du gobelet corse réutilisable Bichjeru sur le blog andemu. Annonce du partenariat de Bichjeru avec l'ACA
Bichjeru présent dans les tribunes du stade François Coty à l’ACA

Will you be present in some events this summer in Corsica ?
Almost all festivals : WIDEN, WOODSTOCK, CALVI ON THE ROCKS, Porto Latino, DOLCE VITA

Le gobelet corse recyclable & réutilisable Bichjeru dans les festivals de l'été en Corse
The corsican recyclable and reusable glass Bichjeru present in all big summer events of Corsica

By the way, Bichjeru is organizing a Facebook contest that make you win a 3-Days Pass to the WIDEN Festival in Bastia from June 10th to 12th 😉

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