Interview with Sébastien Simoni – Founder of Campus Plex and Femu Quì chairman

Interview avec Sébastien Simoni, le fondateur de Campus Plex et Webzine Maker et Président de Femu Quì

Interview with Sébastien Simoni – Founder of Campus Plex and Femu Quì chairman

Founder of one of the first co-working spaces created in France, where one of the 5 world’s best App-Builder  is established today in Ajaccio, Sébastien Simoni is also chairman of Femu Quì, an investment fund that helps corsican startups. The Campus Plex founder was in Bastia Ville Digitale to explain how corsican startups can success in 2016.

How Campus Plex was born ?

In 2001, I founded  a startup in the Content Management area. At that time, we felt a little bit alone in this area in Ajaccio. We thought to create a universe which could help to develop the startup spirit in Corsica. This is what we done in 2009, we launched one of the first co-working spaces in France to work with other startups. We were a lot inspired about what we saw in Japan in 2006. A relationship between some companies, sister companies, but these one had not relationship for capital purpose, they helped each others to increase their businesses.  

What are Femu Quì’s purposes ?

Femu Quì  is a regional investment fund launched by 2500 shareholders. This is an alternative and atypical fund because that is a kind of crowdfunding platform that came before all the biggest platforms we know today. I am the Femu Quì’s chairman for a few months because I thought after Campus Plex, the best thing we could do was to build a good ecosystem to collect money to invest in the development of corsican startups.  So I would say this investment fund is generalist but with a board composed by people who have a good knowledge of startups and digital world. 

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