Interview with Pierre Savelli – Mayor of Bastia

Dans le cadre de Bastia Ville Digitale, Interview du blog Andemu avec le maire de Bastia Pierre Savelli

Interview with Pierre Savelli – Mayor of Bastia

Mayors are part of the most concerned actors about the digital transition of cities. Some days before the opening of Bastia Ville Digitale, the city got the access to the fiber. The chance for the Mayor Pierre Savelli to tell us how important is digital for the economic development of Bastia and Corsica.

What does Bastia Ville Digitale mean for you ?

“That event represents the hope to build an economic development around digital, that is one of our main concerns. We know what digital means for economy, employment for youngs, and business creations, so that event is very important for us.  In addition to that, it allows to open Corsica to the world, with the reception of our friends from Euskadi, we will make connections with other countries, so that event meets the project we have for the city of Bastia and for Corsica.”

Did Bastia already make its digital revolution ? 

“In 2017, all the schools of Bastia will have digital boards. We will soon receive the fiber in Bastia, everyone could connect to the fiber. So the digital will change the city, the digital will change the world, so there is no reason that this revolution does not occure in Bastia and Corsica.”

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