Interview with Manuel de Lara – President of Ocean Living Lab

Interview avec Manuel de Lara, président de Ocean Tech au Pays Basque

Interview with Manuel de Lara – President of Ocean Living Lab

This year, the Basque country is the honour guest of Bastia Ville Digitale. On this delegation from Euskadi, Manuel de Lara, president of Ocean Tech explains us how Basque Country built its own numeric ecosystem between 2 countries, and similiraties that exist between Corsica and Basque Country. 

Can you explain us what is the Basque ecosystem ?

“The Basque country is a land of passion, culture, with a language, an history, a big heritage, this is a land between 2 countries. Europe broke borders, but we have to remake the lands. And the best for that is to create network between companies.  The Ocean Tech is the ecosystem that goes from San Sebastien in Spanish Basque Country to Hossegor in Landes, that is an ecosystem established between 2 countries, 2 departements between Spain and France. And so an ecosystem that looks the world to attract startups and make them living in Basque Country.” 

What is the Ocean Tech ?

“This is today the official ecosystem, that makes part of the French Tech since July 25th 2016, dedicated to sport topic. Sport represents today a market of 280 billions euros in Europe. And we have the chance in Basque Country to have welcomed in the last decades all surf industries. American, Australian companies, they found there amazing conditions : waves, a preserved environment, and a good land to launch a business kwon wordwide.”

La Ocean Tech invité d'honneur à Bastia Ville Digitale

Corsica / Basque Country : Which similarities ?

“Corsica and Basque Country have more similiraties  than language, culture and heritage. Corsica is a mountain that goes into the sea, while Basque Country, that is actually a kind of island as well,  is a mountain that goes into the atlantic ocean.  Only with that image we can realize that Corsica and Basque Country are lands made for natural sports, that can be action sports and outdoor sports : Moutain bike, hiking, trail, paragliding, we have wonderful lands, and that lands can welcome people we can insert in our preserved environment, without disturb that one, because it is the main strength of Corsica and Basque Country. Finally we can as well use that environment to do innovations and attract big companies of tomorrow.”

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