Interview with Maïlys from the blog Very Wine Trip

Maïlys Ray, du blog Very Wine Trip dévoile au blog Andemu le regard qu'elle porte sur le vin corse

Interview with Maïlys from the blog Very Wine Trip

From Toulouse, Maïlys founded 4 years ago one of the best-known blogs in the wine universe. With wines of Rhône and french South-West, Very Wine Trip used to highlight wines of Corsica. Today Maïlys explains us what she’s thinking about corsican wines and their future.

Could you introduce yourself ?

My name is Maïlys Ray, I am 35, I come from Lyon and I live in Toulouse since 6 years. After graduated my diploma in ESSEC, I worked 7 years in agri-food marketing before to fall in love with wine universe. First, this passion inspired me to create the blog Very Wine Trip, which will celebrate its fourth birthday in 2017. Then, wine invaded also my professional life as I am working for 3 years as web communication consultant in the world of wine.

Where is your love for wine come from ?

As I sayed in my first article for Very WIne Trip, my story with wine has been a little bit difficult. I did not like wine for ever. I began to find interest for wine when I stayed in Avignon during 5 years where I met my boyfriend. After my first apprehensions, I started to learn more about wine, I discovered a universe which passionated me. I wanted to explore it by meeting people working in the wine world. From that, this passion never left me.

And your passion for corsican wine ?

My boyfriend is corsican, so I am used to go on the island since 9 years. By tasting some white wines during my first journeys in Corsica, I have been seduced by their characters, and that gave me the desire to learn more about specificities of wines of Corsica. My meetings with corsican winemakers allowed me to improve my knowledge about corsican wines. That made me think these wines needed to be well-known overseas.

And as I thought these wines were not enough promoted overseas, I had the idea to become a kind of ambassador of corsican wines with my blog and social medias. I would love to have more time to travel to Corsica and meet more winemakers and write again and again about these wines on Very Wine Trip, and why not on other websites as well.

You live in Toulouse, Can you find easily corsican wine ?

Unfortunately, find out corsican wine is very difficult. But if you try wine shops based in the heart of the pink city, it is possible to find wines from some corsican properties (Domaine Arena, Clos Nicrosi, Domaine Abbatucci and Domaine U Stiliccionu for example). Make a list where to find corsican wines in Toulouse is one on my upcoming projects !

What do you think about corsican production today ?

When I started to find interest for wine 6 years ago, I thought already Corsica had excellent wines. But for a couple of years, I have the impression that corsican winemakers are more dynamic and make wine of greatest quality by taking advantage from that amazing land and the huge variety of island’s grapes. I am so impressed when I know all winemakers working according organic way on the appellation Patrimonio. By the way Patrimonio is the symbol of that qualitative dynamic followed by corsican wines for some years. That appellation is moving every years, and that is probably because it is composed by a lot of young winemakers who took familial domains and who do not hesitate to try new things and to more communicate about their work.

Do you think wines of Corsica can go abroad ?

Absolutely. Corsican wine has the chance to get its own specificity with grape varieties which do not exist overseas. That gives to wines of Corsica a strong advantage. In addition to that, wine benefits the good image associated with Corsica. So corsican wine-makers have all their chances to become popular worldwide if they work together. By the way, it seems they already meet a big success in US.

If I ask you a food/wine pairing, what do you think to ?

Corsican white wines are excellent with seafood products like shellfish, that is one my favourite food/wine pairing. I think reds feet well with strong meats, for staying nustrale I am fan of pairing between Patrimonio red and wild boar civet.

I love also pairings with soft islander wines. For salt version, with blue cheese and for sugar version, a cheesecake brocciu/canistrelli/clémentines with Muscat from Cap Corse or chocolat/marron fondant with a Rappu.

Are you more red, white or rose ?

Hard question because I love both colours. The choice I make between one of them depends on the plate to go with. But if you talk about corsican wines, I am a little bit less fan of rosé. On the other hand, I love corsican red wine, with a preference for wines made of sciaccarellu, but white wines are my best. For me, corsican white wines have their own character. Made of vermentinu or biancu gentile, they make part of the best white wines in Mediterranean. And I regret we do not highlight no more these wines’ quality when they get older. Because for me the old corsican white wines are often delicious and amazingly complex.

Your last heart stroke ?

It goes back a few now, but one of my best heart strokes in Corsica was for the cuvées Granit, whethever in white or red, from Domaine Vaccelli. I have been literally surprised by the taste of these wines. On the rose side, I got impressed by the cuvée A maredda from Domaine Sant’Armettu. A rose as I love with complexity, it is perfect to go with a good dinner.

How do you see the future of corsican wines ?

I am sure that corsican wines reserve a lot of surprises and the future should be wonderful. Fot that, the CIVC and local wine-makers have to keep going their efforts for communicate about their strengths in France and abroad, and try to export more wines overseas. I think also it would be interesting to show the guard potential of corsican wines, in both red and white. That would allow to explain to some people why the price can sometimes be expensive in France.

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  1. Merci de faire partager à tous les amoureux des grands crus votre passion pour les vins Corses et à travers cet article faire découvrir au plus grand nombre la richesse et la grande qualité du secteur vinicole Corse qui compte aujourd’hui parmi les meilleurs vins de France reconnus et plébiscités par les professionnels et les amateurs. Une reconnaissance mérité après des années de valorisation et de développement par les viticulteurs insulaires qui ont à cœur de promouvoir leur métier, leur terroir et leur territoire.

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