Interview with Gilles, Cucina Corsa founder

applu cucina corse- recettes et produits corses

Interview with Gilles, Cucina Corsa founder

With almost 5000 users/months spread into 94 countries, the Cucina Corsa App launched by Gilles has already won its challenge : Make  people discovery the Corsican gastronomy with an App that contains recipes and places where people can buy Corsican products. Before its 1st birthday, the Cucina Corsa creator share with Andemu his feedback over the past year.

What is Cucina Corsa ?

Cucina Corsa is the application that gives you access to a wide range of corsican recipes. The app gives you info about corsican products, advices you how to cook these recipes, and hosts a section “close to” that allows to find out the closest corsican makers and shops.


This project is born from a feedback : It did not exist any applications of this type before. The purpose is to deliver an easy and free access to Corsican gastronomy. The App is dedicated to those who want to learn more about Corsican food. It is nice to have recipes, but it is so much better if you have informations about products and how to find them!

logo cucina corsa application de produits corses

Why this name ?

Cucina Corsa means Cuisine Corse in Corsican language. This name remains the Cucina Corsa association created 25 years ago by Guy Bartoli, Vincent Tabarani and Marcel Euvrard, 3 people created this association in order to promote Corsican gastronomy and products from island to everyone. I did not have time to contact them but a partnership to link their activites with the Application could be a nice thing.

interview avec Gilles de Peretti de l'application Cucina Corsa sur le blog corse AndemuGilles, le Créateur de l’application Cucina Corsa

Who is the app dedicated to ?

To all curious and people in love with food, the App is available for free on the App Strore and Google Play, it is opened to 7000 kinds of phones and tablets.

recettes, où acheter des produits corses sur le continent, tout ce qu'on trouve sur l'appli cucina corsaCe qu’on peut trouver sur Cucina Corsa

How many recipes today ? And who can people insert their own recipes into the App ?

87 recipes have been inserted. We ask also to our users to send us their recipes to publish that on the app.

Recettes corses sur l'appli Cucina CorsaUne appli où chacun peut insérer ses recettes élaborées avec des produits corses

How many users ?

Each month, Cucina Corsa has almost 5000 users who are connecting  20 000 times a month and 210 000 pages are read.  

Where users come from ?

Cucina Corsa users are spread into 94 countries and 1298 cities ! Top 10 cities where we find the biggest part of users are : Paris, Marseille, Ajaccio, Lyon, Aix en Provence, Bastia, Nice,Toulon, Toulouse and Porto Vecchio !

les utilisateurs de l'application cucina corsa en Corse, en France et à l'étrangerLes utilisateurs de Cucina Corsa dans le monde

You launched the function “Close to”, Could you give us more information about that ?

This interactive map regroups more than 200 Corsican makers and shops, description of all of them will be improved with more content. We are also referencing Corsican shops in France and abroad to make Cucina Corsa accessible wherever people live. A marketplace will be soon created to link users, makers and shops.

recettes corses et boutiques corses à portée de main avec l'appli cucina corsa

What can we wish you ?

To get more users and to develop additional services to make the App better !

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