Interview with Anne-Marie, Hypsica founder

La créatrice de Hypsica accorde une interview au blog Andemu - Expédition de produits corses sur le continent et à l'étranger

Interview with Anne-Marie, Hypsica founder

What would you like to do later ? Do you remember this question people asked you when you were young ? Untill last year, Anne-Marie was sure about her answer. With her PhD in Chemistry, she was teacher at University of Corsica.

Today she is the boss of Hypsica : Understand the contraction between Hype and Corsica, an e-shop that shows an hype and original Corsica on a black and white background that show how much important is the island’s identity in each creations we find in this website. Andemu went to Bastelicaccia, where the Anne-Marie’s story has begun some months ago! 

Andemu rencontre Anne-Marie Nam dans son atelier à Bastelicaccia

-Why did you launch Hypsica ?

I have made all my studies at University of Corsica Pasquale Paoli (Licence chemistry/Master Phytochemistry/PHD Analyical chemistry). I have made my PhD presentation in 2014.The subject was about studying the chemical composition of essential oils/conifer resins implanted in Corsica (Aleppo pine and Atlas cedar) and the quantification of a molecule of interest (the squalene) in the Corsican olive oil.

After my PhD, I teached during 1 year at he University of Corsica. In the same time, I started to think about my business project. The Business cooperative A Prova helped me to do my market studies and how to build my financial plan. Last summer, I have created my company and launched the blog. Some months later (in november), the e-shop Hypsica was born. 

Le logo du e-shop Hypsica - Expédition de produits corses en France et dans le monde

What is Hypsica ?

An e-shop that contained the best creations of Corsica in 3 universes : Fashion, Well-Being and Lifestyle. People can order clothes and cosmetics and pay only 1 shipping cost, even if they choose several products made by different creators ! 6 months after Hypsica was launched, the website has 10 corsican creators today. 

Le e-shop Hypsica expédie en France et à l'étranger les produits cosmétiques corses
Hypsica : The Corsican E-Shop that puts together fashion-well-being-lyfestyle

How do you select your creators ?

I have a clear vision of what I want for Hypsica. As soon as I discover a new creator, I know if he has his place between my selected creators. Generally, I am looking for pieces of quality made in Corsica (unique pieces or mini-series).

Do you sell your creations out of Corsica ?

The main part of my clients are Corsican but I send 10% of my products out of the island, in this case the main part goes to the Diaspora. 

Anne-Marie Nam prépare les commandes pour envoyer les produis corses sur le continent. Plus d'informations sur Andemu
Order being prepared before expedition

6 months and someone has already joined the Hypsica Team…

Angelina Rossi is 22. She is sudying her 2nd year of DUT  Commercial Technics at the IUT of Corsica. She is doing her internship at Hypsica for a 2 months period. Her tasks : She helped me to organize events such the Galeria Biker Day and some contests on the blog(Summer is coming). She also helped me to develop the visibiliy of the brand by doing flyings campagins in Ajaccio and Corte.

Stage communication commerce au sein du e-shop Hypsica à proximité d'Ajaccio
Angelina, student at IUT of Corsica makes her intership at Hypsica

-You were at the Galeria Biker Day in May, Where could we discover again your products this summer ?

I will be at the 1st edition of a music festival in Coti-Chiavari at the end of July. I hope as well to go into the coutryside to make Hypsica known by people who live outside big cities of Corsica.

Coucher de soleil sur Galeria en Corse occidentale après le Galeria Biker Day
Sunset at Galeria Biker Day ©Hypsica

The good plan of the day…

For Fathers Day,  the Anne-Marie’s E-Shop sends your gift for free from Corsica till June 17th. To enjoy this good plan, just use the code BABBU !

cadeau corse avec frais de port offert pour la fête des pères avec le e-shop Hysica
Fathers Day : Free delivery

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