Interview with Adrien Aumont – Co-founder of KissKissBankBank


Interview with Adrien Aumont – Co-founder of KissKissBankBank

Even if you think to have the idea of century, it can be difficult to find the good way to finance it. Fortunately, crowdfunding was borned. And who better to talk about crowdfunding that the co-funder of the first crowdfunding platform in Europe ? This week, Adrien Aumont performed a conference in Bastia Ville Digitale. He explained his vision of crowdfunding uses and how it can be used to develop Corsica. 

Can you introduce yourself ?

I am co-founder of KissKissBankBank, Hello Merci and Lendopolice that are 3 crowdfunding platforms. KissKissBankBank gives money in exchange of counterpart. It is dedicated to all sectors of  culture, innovation and solidarity. Hello Merci provides loan at a rate of 0% between individual people.

Lendopolice provides financial solutions for PME and TPE, we offer to french people to diversify their saving by loaning directly to french business. 

We are the french leader of crowdfunding if we consider the amount of our 3 platforms, we collected almost 65M €. I am in Bastia today to talk about crowdfunding.

The creation of KissKissBankBank ?

We created kissKissBankBank with Ondeline and Vincent. Ondeline is my sister, Vincent is Ondeline’s husband. So this is a family startup. We started this adventure because Ondeline worked in music sector for 10 years, and when the peer to peer appeared and allowed people to share their music and data worldwide, the business of music known a big crisis. At that moment, Ondeline discovered a study that showed sales of music were decreasing and in the same time that people had never listen so much music.  That was the end of Myspace and the birth of Facebook. Ondeline thought if people could share thier passions on Myspace and personal things like child pictures on Facebook, then they could maybe share money to make projects. From music, we open the concept to all creative and innovatve sectors and then to all economic sectors in France and Europe. 

Adrien Aumont, fondateur de Kiss Kiss Bank Bank à Bastia
Adrien Aumont, fondateur de Kiss Kiss Bank Bank à Bastia

How to react after a failure ?

Samuel Beckett, was saying : “You have to fail, fail again, fail again and if possible fail better and better”. And I think it is right, I think I spend my life to fail, then I improve and I fail better and better. I think that is the strength of all business-owners to keep reacting in order to become better. 

What can bring crowdfunding to Corsica ?

In crowdfunding, our job is to create connections between citizens, between corsican people, between french people, between everyone worldwide, to be financially independant.  That is peer to peer finance, I was talking about peer to peer with music, but this is finally an innovation because  that makes us independant because we can realize projects without ask the permission to someone. So we use to talk about corsicans as proud people, corsicans are also people who want to be independant, I think, nowdays, the biggest independance is the peer to peer finance, this is the power to help each others between corsicans, between french people, in a village, in a region, with people who share the same passions. And today social medias and Internet allow to connect with people worldwide who share our vision, our passion. So today we offer to create connections with people who share your passions and can make you independant with your project. 

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