ICARE will represent Corsica at the CES Las Vegas

D'où vient le projet ICARE ?

ICARE will represent Corsica at the CES Las Vegas

From January 5th to 8th, Las Vegas hosts the Consumer Electronic Show. The city of Nevada hosts the world biggest high-tech event. A show where will be present the corsican start-up ICARE.

What you have to know about CES Las Vegas 

50 football fields, that is the show area of that event which takes place each year in Las Vegas. 3800 start-ups coming from all over the world go there to show their last innovations to more than 6000 journalistes.

CES Las Vegas : Le plus grand événement high tech du monde

ICARE : The Corsican ring that will change your life

The start-up ICARE will be there to show its magic ring. Thanks to a connected system, autonomous, tight and recognizing its holder, this ring is able to turn on the car, unlock the door at home, and to pay for purchases. 

D'où vient le projet ICARE ?
ICARE : L’anneau corse qui va remplacer vos clefs et votre carte bancaire

4 years after its birth, this event appears like a new consecration for Jeremy and Fabien, some months prior to autumn 2017, when the ring will be available for everybody. 

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