The corsican ring that will change your life

L'anneau corse ICARE remplacera vos clefs et carte bancaire à partir de 2017. Présentation sur le blog Andemu

The corsican ring that will change your life

Peter Jackson made us dream with a trilogy around a ring of power that would , by itself , control the world of men , two Corsican people were further and forged the famous ring. No magic at all, just a technology created by Jeremy and Fabien . In 2017 , their ring that will replace all of your keys and your credit card will be available . Andemu met these two young Corsican boys which we might talk a lot in the coming weeks.

Where this idea comes from  ?
The idea was born during an afternoon at the beach. A friend of Jeremy realizes she lost her car keys . After long minutes , she finally founds the keys in the sand. In order that this situation does not recur ,  Jeremy said it would be nice to have permanently his keys on oneself. From there came the idea of ​​creating a ring that could replace all your keys. Jeremy partnered with his friend Fabien who is specialized in Management and Marketing and decided to launch together the ICARE project in 2013.

D'où vient le projet ICARE ?
ICARE : The corsican ring that will replace your keys and your banking card

What could people do with the ICARE ring ?

We imagined to put all keys and means of payment together in a ring. Thanks to a connected ring, autonomous, tight and recognizing its holder, this ring is able to start the car , unlock the door to home, to identify with the work and to pay for purchases.

At which step is the project ?

We are doing a fundraising step, in order to enable the manufacture of pre-industrialized product and to allow the launch of the test step payment in Corsica !

La commercialisation des premières bagues est prévue pour 2017

La commercialisation des premières bagues est prévue pour 2017
When people could buy the ICARE ring ?
According to the planning we made, a thousand rings should be available after selection , from April 2017. Rings will be available in tobacco shops and on the website of ICARE Technologies.

Déjà des reconnaissances pour ICARE
The ICARE Project won the National Price Pépite in 2015, and won some regional rewards as well (Regional price of entreprenership students, Price U Premiu…)

remise du prix national pepite 2015 à ICARE project anneau corse
Jeremy and Fabien with Najat Vallaud Belkacem for the National Price Pepite 2015

And a fun way to promote their project

We initially took the decision to not comunicate because we were scared to see our idea copied by other people.We get now the Patent for our idea, and we promote the ring on the web. To make us know, to share our day to day life and our experience, we created the ICARE project YouTube channel. It talks about a sery of Tens videos which talk about our story, and little things that make our day to day life. Here is the first video of the sery where Jeremy and Fabien explain you the project launch

An adventure to follow with Andemu and on the ICARE project Facebook page. 

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