I Soldi Corsi, Really a good idea ?

I soldi corsi, pourquoi créer une monnaie corse

I Soldi Corsi, Really a good idea ?

After Switzerland, Nantes or Bristol in UK, Corsica will receive its own local money in 2017 : I Soldi Corsi.

I Soldi Corsi launch

The project borned after a call for projects from ADEC in 2014. The Jean Zuccarelli’s wish (ex-president of ADEC) was to boost economic transactions in the island. After that step, the association Corsica Prumuzione has been selected for lead the creation of the new cosrican money. 

Why create a Corsican money in 2017 ?

The goal is to keep wealth made in Corsica on the island . In that way, the creation of a local money complementary with Euro will act for sustainable development in Corsica. On the one hand, by spend the money earned on the island, I Soldi Corsi will allow to boost Corsican economy and employment. On the other hand, by encouraging people to buy local, the money will allow to boost social interactions and local businesses. Finally the use of local money will encourage people to buy products made in Corsica, and therefore lead to a sustainable economy.   

Le futur billet de 20 soldi corsi ? ©Communauté d’agglomération de Bastia
Le futur billet de 20 soldi corsi ? ©Communauté d’agglomération de Bastia

When I Soldi Corsi will be available ?

According to the Communauté d’agglomération de Bastia, first banknotes will be print in the early 2017, and diffused in the Bastia area and then all over Corsica.  

5 banknotes will composed I Soldi Corsi : 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20. An incitative action is planned for the launch step : For 50€ changed, people will receive 55 Soldi Corsi. That money will be exclusively reserved for local transactions. So people that own Soldi Corsi could only spend it with Corsican businesses. 

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