I Campagnoli concert in Paris

I Campagnoli est un groupe de polyphonies corses fondé en 1989

I Campagnoli concert in Paris

After Wines of Corsica in United States and the festival of Chamonix, Corsica will be in Paris this week-end. On saturday April 23rd, the group I Campagnoli will sing at the Basilique Notre Dame du Perpétuel Secours du Père Lachaise for a corsican polyphony concert in the heart of Paris.

I Campagnoli : Corsican songs in churches

I Campagnoli is one of the oldest corsican polyphony group. Founded in 1989 and always renewed, the group co-founded by Guy Calvelli is today composed by 5 people : 4 singers which one is flutist and one violonist.

I Campagnoli are well-known to sing in Churhes, where polyphony takes all its dimension. With a repertory composed by a lot of sacred songs, I Campagnoli make tour through corsican churches during summer. The rest of the year, the group goes overseas and sings in France and Europe (a lot of concerts in Switzerland) to give the chance to overseas people to discover ancestral corsican songs.

Depuis 1989, le groupe I Campagnoli sillonne les églises de Corse, de France et d'Europe pour faire découvrir la polyphonie corseCorsican polyphony group I Campagnoli

I Campagnoli in Paris on Staurday, April 23rd 

On Saturday, April 23rd, the 5 corsicans are going to Paris to give some chills to Parisian people.  An amazing concert in an amazing place. The group will sing from 3pm at the Crypte of the Basilique Notre Dame du Perpétuel Secours du Père Lachaise. The monument is very close to the Père Lachaise subway in the 11th Paris district.

Le groupe de polyphonies corses I Campagnoli en concert à la basilique Notre Dame du Perpétuel Secours à Paris
The basilique Notre Dame du Perpétuel Secours – The place where will sing I Campagnoli saturday in Paris ©patrimoine-histoire.fr

Attend the I Campagnoli concert in Paris

Doors open Saturday at 2pm. Prebookings are possible on icampagnoli.corsica@gmail.com, or directly at the ticket office from 2pm.

Tickets :

  • 15€ per adults
  • Free for – 12 years old

To know more :

For those who can not attend the concert,  the Odisseu album from I Campagnoli is available on ITunes.

Odisseu le dernier album du groupe corse I Campagnoli disponible sur ITunesOdisseu – Le dernier album d’I Campagnoli

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