Hyperloop – How to support the Corso-Sardinian candidacy?

Concours d'idée en Corse et en Sardaigne pour la réalisation d'une ligne Hyperloop entre Bastia et Cagliari

Last January no one believed it… Corsica has indeed been selected, with 34 other territories, among 2600 projects in more than 100 countries in the world, for the implementation of an Hyperloop. Out of this selection of 35 projects, 3 will be selected for the creation of a Hyperloop line. Today a cross-border ideas competition is launched in Corsica and Sardinia to prepare the sister islands for major changes ! Who can participate and what are the issues ?

Help Corsica and Sardinia to compete with big cities

This cross-border competition is open to everyone in Corsica and Sardinia with 2 basic rules: creativity and intelligence ! Are you a student in engineering, architecture, development and regional planning ? You work in these sectors or you are just passionate about these subjects? How do you see Corsica and Sardinia with Hyperloop?

Register now to share your vision and ideas!

What’s at stake? To allow Corsica and Sardinia to compete in ingenuity and ambition with the largest capitals of the world.


What will the Hyperloop implementation allow ?

Hyperloop is an industrial research project launched by Elon Musk (founder of PayPal, SpaceX, Telsa Motors) to develop the fastest and greenest rail transport mode of all time. Even better than a train, Hyperloop sails without rail. With a pressure system, Hyperloop capsules are propelled by a magnetic field at a speed that can exceed 1000Km/h. Operating on solar energy, the installation of the system is up to 2 times more economical than the installation of a TGV. The estimated cost for the Hyperloop installation is 11 million euros per km when the TGV returns between 15 to 30 million euros over the same distance.

More concretely, Hyperloop will connect Bastia and Cagliari in 30 minutes at the price of a bus ticket.

What about the contest ?

The competition aims to stimulate everyone’s imagination about the major changes that the implementation of a Hyperloop line will entail in the fields of urban planning, architecture, health, education and for society as a whole. Your contribution will support the bid of the two islands to the Hyperloop One Global Challenge !

Concours d'idée en Corse et en Sardaigne pour la réalisation d'une ligne Hyperloop entre Bastia et Cagliari
Concours d’idée en Corse et en Sardaigne pour la réalisation d’une ligne Hyperloop entre Bastia et Cagliari

Comment la Corse et la Sardaigne en sont arrivées là ?

In May 2016, Hyperloop One launches a worldwide competition with the aim of establishing a list of regions of interest for the implementation of a Hyperloop One. Out of 2600 applications from more than 100 countries around the world, the Corso-Sardinian application has managed to join a shortlist of 35 projects selected for the final phase of the competition. The announcement was made by Hyperloop One last January at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. Of these 35 projects, 3 will ultimately be designated for the creation of a Hyperloop line.

The Corso-Sardinian project consists in linking the two islands by creating a Hyperloop Bastia-Cagliari line. This project is the only one selected in France and Italy. The capial risk company Femu Quì is at the origin of the Corso-Sardinian application to the Hyperloop One competition, supported by the Corsican Collectivity and the Autonomous Region of Sardinia.


Key dates

  • 10 mars 2017 : Registration opens
  • 16 mars 2017 : : Publication of the competition rules
  • 10 avril 2017 : Corso-Sardinian conference
  • 17 avril 2017 : Closing of the competition and evaluation of projects
  • 21 avril 2017 :  Nomination of winners
  • 27 avril 2017 : Hyperloop One Showcase in London

Bastia-Cagliari with Hyperloop, in figures…

  • 450 km of course on land
  • 12 km  of course at sea
  • 4 ports et 6 airports connected
  • 7 stations Hyperloop
  • 20 cities more connected
  • 3 Universities et 45000 students
  • 13 hospitals connected

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