What would you say if Corsica could sell its waste to Norway ?

Décharge de Vico en Corse. Et si la Corse exportait ses déchets ?

What would you say if Corsica could sell its waste to Norway ?

While the corsican landfills are full, there are some countries who understood that they could make a lot of money with waste.

problème des déchets à Ajaccio en Corse du Sud
A l’heure où des pays Européens importent des déchets, les poubelles corses s’amoncellent entre routes et terrasses de cafés comme ici à Ajaccio

That is the case of Norway and Sweden. These 2 Scandinavian countries that count respectively 5 and 10 millions people are well-known to give a second life to their waste. Instead to burying them in landfill sites, they recycle them to make energy and electricity to big capital cities like Oslo.  In Stockholm, buses run with biogaz made from waste. Therefore almost the total of these countries’ waste is recyclable (only 1% of Sweddish waste ends to landfill).

avec le recyclage des déchets, Stockholm fait rouler des bus
Un bus circulant au biogaz issu de déchets à Stockholm

Scandinavia but Portugal and Bulgaria as weel pay to import waste 

But the most incredible thing is that the system is so performant than waste is missing to Norway and Sweden. So the 2 countries decided to import their waste! In 2010, when the city of Naples faced the waste crisis, Norway offered to buy a big part of the italian city’s waste. For some reasons, the transaction had not processed and Norway had imported its waste from UK

Other case, Sicilia will export 190 000 tons of waste in 2016. This waste is shared between Portugal, Romania or Bulgaria at an average rate of 140€/tonnes… that means an annual income of 26 millions euros for Sicila.

Corsica gets so much waste to offer… 

While Corsica invests a lot of money to export its authetic products abroad, the island would not have to spend 1 cents to export the best-known islander product nowdays : the waste! Therefore the island could delete its sad image as being “the island of waste”

article du journal le parisien sur le problème des déchets en corse
Depuis quelques mois l’île de beauté a progressivement laissé place à l’île aux déchets dans la presse

According to Collectivité Territoriale de Corse, the island of beauty makes 380 000 tonnes of waste per year. If the island would practice the price fixed by Sicilia, it would earn more than 53 millions euros per year by selling its waste…

As a big waste provider to Scandinavia, Corsica could improve its image with positive consequences : An increase of income for region, improving the oxygen quality,  more beautiful streets without waste… And everything without incinerator and burying waste in landfill sites.

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  1. Bonjour
    Impliqué dans le Waste To Energy Market, la valorisation des déchets à énergétiques sur l’Europe du nord, et les pays limitrophe, est une activité en plein essor mais elle se fait en contre rémunération, ce qui signifie que l’Italie paye pour valoriser ses déchets en Europe du nord, moins que le prix du marché local mais ils payent.
    pour al corse se serait plus économique que d’aller sur le continent mais serait payant
    jpro waste to energy director

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