In Iceland, tourists have now to take the Icelandic pledge


In Iceland, tourists have now to take the Icelandic pledge 

As protestations against mass tourism are growing in major European capitals, the Icelandic tourist office has decided to take the lead in raising awareness among its tourists.

In 7 years, the number of tourists has increased by 264% on this small island inhabited by only 300,000 people. This increase in tourists use is of course not without danger for the conservation of icebergs, volcanoes, waterfalls and all the other natural wonders that the small island of the Arctic Ocean holds.

To encourage travellers to discover Iceland in a green way, the Icelandic Tourist Office has drawn up a charter! Known as the Icelandic Oath, this charter reminds tourists of the great principles of respect for local heritage and culture. Visitors intending to travel to Iceland are invited to sign this oath in English, French, German and Mandarin. A few weeks after its launch, The Icelandic pledge has already collected more than 40,000 signatures!

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