International investors in Ajaccio

La mairie d'Ajaccio inaugure sa cellule Mécénat avec la réception d'une délégation d'investisseurs internationaux du réseau YPO

International investors in Ajaccio

That was last week in Corsica, a group of 26 international investors has been received in Ajaccio to be introduced to a crowdfunding campaign launched by the cultural office of Ajaccio.


The YPO network in Ajaccio


The Young Presidents Organization regroups people from all over the world, who owned medium size companies (more than 50 employees) before 40 years old. Managed by the german Christophe Amberger, the network’s purpose is to boost business interaction. The group organizes each year a meeting somewhere in the world. This year, the american Roy Halstead was in charge of the meeting organization. This man who is sharing today his life between Corsica and Belgium sayed to himself “Why not Corsica ?”.


From this idea is borned a journey composed by companies’ owners that come from United States, Sweden, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany… During this journey, these people have spent 150 000€ in Corsica.


That travel happened at the perfect time for the city of Ajaccio. Simone Guerrini, assistant at the culture office of Ajaccio, launched some weeks ago a crowdfunding campaign. The purpose of that campaign is to collect funds that will help to maintain the heritage of Ajaccio. This is the first crowdfunding campaign launched by a public organization in Corsica.


A meeting to launch the first public crowdfuning campaign in Corsica


This is the first time that a crowdfunding campaign is launched by a public organization in Corsica. That campaign has 3 aspects :

First, a financial collect with everyone who wants to contribute to this project.

Then a “skill collect” : Companies who want to contribute to the project can deliver their know-how for free.

Finally a participative campagin dedicated to Corsican habitants.


All benefits collected will be used to maintain the corsican heritage.

La réception des entrepreneurs et investisseurs du réseau YPO dans le salon Napoléonien de l'hôtel de ville d'Ajaccio
Evening with international delegation of the YPO network in the Napoleonian room in Ajaccio

International business olders have been received last thursday in the Napoleonian room of Ajaccio. A warm and convivial evening to introduce visitors to the Corsican heritage and seduce them to invest in the economic and cultural development of the island. By the way, Simone Guerrini received a cheque from the american Roy Halstead to support the project. That makes Roy Halstead the first person to contribute to the project. “The first of a long sery” hops Simone Guerrini.

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