11 questions with Tania, Corsica Beauty President


11 questions with Tania, Corsica Beauty President

When more and more companies start to understand why they have to make their 2.0 revolution, there are some startups that prefer make things in different way. First, create an E-Shop on Internet, then a physical shop. Tania and Aurelia chosed this way to launch their business in 2014. 2 years later : 50% of their products are sold overseas and 2 physical shops have been opened. Today Tania is telling us how they have created the first corsican cosmetics E-Shop on Internet.

What is Corsica Beauty ?

Corsica Beauty is a concept that bring all together beauty products made in Corsica. You can find out cosmetics, jewelries, scents and also a lot of accessories made by corsican artisans. In addition to our website and our blog, we get 2 shops located in Algajola and Calvi.


Who is hidden behind Corsica Beauty ?

This young business has been created by 2 young corsican sisters : Aurelia and myself

How did idea to create Corsica Beauty come to you ?

We have created Corsica Beauty because we realized that our island had a lot of strenghts, and some artisans were already there trying to work with these strenghts. The problem was that people did not know these artisans, so we decided to promote them by building an E-Shop which puts all together products made by corsican creators with our island’s ressources.


What are Corsican cosmetics strenghts ?

Corsican cosmetics are natural or organic, made with products issued from local agriculture, and developed in the respect of our heritage, people and environnement.

What kind of products can we find at Corsica Beauty ?

You can find cosmetics products for body, face and hairs dedicated to men, childs and pregnant women. We also offer home scents like candles and diffusors. Then you can find  jewelries and accesories made by corsican artisant, unic pieces, and essential oils and florals water as well.


Where are your clients from ?

50% of our clients come from Corsica, 40% from France and 10% from European Union.

What about your communication strategy ?

Our communication is focused on social media and articles published on our blog, but we make print supports as well which are dedicated to our shops.

How important is Internet in your business growth ?

While our physical shops did not exist, we had already built our E-Shop with more than 300 references. So from the project birth, Internet is one of the most important thing for us

Any goals for future ?

To develop our physical shops

Next Corsica Beauty events ?

We will be in Paris on March 31st for an evening dedicated to cosmetics products made in Corsica. Parisian people could meet us at l’Epicerie A La Main, located in Paris 2nd District, from 7pm


Where can we buy Corsica Beauty products ?

On our website www.corsicabeauty.com or in our physical shops located in Algajola (rue a marina) and Calvi (rue clémenceau).



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