The amazing Casablanca Drivers’ UK tour


If Corsican music is often assimilated to polyphonies in France, a band of 5 friends is giving it a whole other resonance across the Channel. Born 5 years ago in Corsica, the group Casablanca Drivers has just concluded an amazing tour in UK.

On the benches of university

It is on the benches of the University in Corte that the members of the group met. If Corsican singing was a first musical experience for some of them, the band very quickly turned to Rock with influences like The Strokes or The Velvet Underground.


The first venues

A few weeks after their formation, the band performed for the first time at the Café du Cours in Corte before performing more than 50 concerts in 1 year. The Rock’n Wall festival in Corte, the Aghja stage and Ajaccio bars are the places where the Casablanca Drivers quickly beacame popular. A name which often intrigues, which is in fact “a nod to the French comedy Casablanca Driver, which tells the adventures of a failed boxer brought to face the defending champion. We all really liked this film, and since it sounded pretty good, we decided to make it our band’s name,” Nicolas explains.



Conquest of Paris and France

After a few months of existence, the Casablanca Drivers are performing in big corsican festivals such as the Porto Vecchio Festival or Porto Latino before crossing the sea to perform at the Printemps de Bourges. It is then in Paris that the group will land permanently to continue its conquest, while waiting to cross the sea again.

From London to Edinburgh, a first tour in UK

In recent weeks, the Casablanca Drivers have crossed the Channel to conquer the British public. A tour of nearly 10 dates which take them on stages in Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Edinburgh or Sheffield. A first international tour which, we hope, announces others !


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