Bastia Ville Digitale : The Mediterranean digital economy meeting

Le blog Andemu vous dévoile le programme de l'édition 2016 de Bastia Ville Digitale

Bastia Ville Digitale : The Mediterranean digital economy meeting

On October 10th opens the 6th edition of Bastia Ville Digitale. Launched 5 years ago, the event main purpose is to make digital accessible to everyone in Corsica. But this year the event appears also as the Mediterranean digital economy and entrepreneurship meeting.

The origin of Bastia Ville Digitale

Since 2011 the event organized by Emaho association wants to make digital accessible to everyone in Corsica. Some years ago, a few actions were leaded in the aim to learn digital and help corsican companies to make their 2.0 revolution. From that, the Emaho association decided to create an event that could make people realize the opportunities generated by new technologies.

Programme de l'édition 2016 de Bastia Ville Digitale

Develop the digital economy in Corsica 

4 years later and after the birth of dozens of corsican startups, the label Corsican Tech,  launched by the association, was borned and allowed to put together all corsican startups. In 2015, Bastia Ville Digitale started to organize a lot of coferences to talk about startups concerns. In addition to teach new technologies came the necessity to support young corsican companies. 

Corsican Tech, l'organisme qui fédère les start-ups corses

Prestigious speakers

And this year, corsican startups have the chance to be supported by amazing people who have a strong digital background. More than 16 conferences with 30 experts :

Conférence et rencontres de Bastia Ville Digitale

This year, the Corsican Tech welcomes the euskadi digital ecosystem : The Ocean Tech of Euskadi. 

4 experts travel from Euskadi to talk about business, financial concerns and how regions can take advantage from digital.

La Ocean Tech invité d'honneur à Bastia Ville Digitale

An other prestigious guest in partnership with the event, Eric Leandri, co-founder of the european search engine Qwant created to protect people private life.

Eric Leandri , Co-fondateur du moteur de recherche Qwant à Bastia Ville Digitale
Eric Leandri , Co-fondateur du moteur de recherche Qwant à Bastia Ville Digitale

The event welcomes also Adrien Aumont, founder of Kiss Kiss Bank Bank the first european crowdfunding platform. He will talk about the fail culture in business and financial concerns. 4 experts from Ekito will also be there. Ekito is an accelerator with a team of 60 experts who have lead more than 200 start-ups since 2005.

Adrien Aumont, fondateur de Kiss Kiss Bank Bank à Bastia
Adrien Aumont, fondateur de Kiss Kiss Bank Bank à Bastia

Dozens of speakers with prestigious background in business, finance, digital and law will also be in Bastia to support corsican startups and people who would like to launch their own business.

People from 7 to 77 

A lot of workshops will take place to teach chidren and adults what they can do with new technologies. During 5 days, The Fab Lab of Corte and Roboti Camp will support the Emaho association to teach people digital arts and jobs . 7 workshops are planned in the Una Volta Cultural Center. 

Ateliers transmission pour enfants de Bastia Ville Digitale

To close this 6th edition, Bastia Ville Digitale welcomes on friday october 15th a pop and electro hip-hop evening with corsican artists like Milà Auguste, Ciguri, and Pasquaaah!. PFeL, the DJ of the electro tribute C2C who has been named 4 times DMC world champion will also perform for that closing evening in Bastia. 


To learn more about robotics, graphics or stop-motion, or even to develop his business or just to get inspired, you will certainly find a good reason to go to Bastia Ville Digitale. 

Andemu in partnership with Bastia Ville Digitale

Because Corsica can not miss the digital revolution, Andemu is in partnership with this 6th edition of Bastia Ville Digitale. Stay online to follow all news from this unique corsican event!

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