Art’è Gustu : 5 original discoveries


By making the bet to gather more than 20 000 visitors on the Easter weekend and the day of a decisive match for the future of the Sporting Club of Bastia, Art’è Gustu was once again a success.

Great Chefs and beautiful discoveries 

For the 13th year in a row, the meetings of art, taste and know-how have once again succeeded in attracting to Corsica the great stars of the gastronomic world. Anne-Sophie Pic, Pierre Sang, Mercotte, Pierre Hermé, or even Christian Le Squer, were those with whom we could realize cooking workshops this weekend in Aleria.

Pierre Hermé, Christian Le Squer et Anne-Sophie Pic, Parrains d'Art'è Gustu 2017

The other challenge of Art’è Gustu is also and above all to reveal each year the best of Corsican flavours. This is done by selecting around a hundred producers and by “ensuring that the products presented all come from the island, are produced in an artisanal way and are made in Corsica”. And the original flavours were there this weekend…

Whisky, brocciu, immortal and ice cream in all its forms 

It was said to be inedible a few years ago, today it is enjoyed as an infusion and is even the origin of a soft that is enjoyed on the terraces of cafés. Pierre Geronimi made the bet to go even further and create a Corsican immortal ice cream. Other original and exquisite creations : the PM whisky ice cream from Domaine Mavela and the Brocciu ice cream.

Glace au Brocciu & whisky PM du domaine Mavela de Pierre Geronimi

The Hot Porcu Nustrale by Tiùgui

It is on the side of Paris in the walls of the delicatessen A La Main that this hot dog revisited in Corsican fashion was born. Made of porcu nustrale, brocciu and chestnut ketchup, Hot Porcu Nustrale has become the flagship product of the Tiùghi range. “If the Spaniards have their tapas, the Corsicans have their Chjuchi”. A name voluntarily misspelled (Tiùgui) to facilitate pronunciation on the Parisian side.

Le hot dog corse : Hot Porcu Nustrale à Art'è Gustu par Tiùgui

The Corsican tea by Callysthé

Launched a few months ago, Callysthé is the first brand of teas and infusions made in Corsica. Each beverage is the result of meticulous research carried out with Corsican, continental and South African herbalists and producers. Teas with immortal of Corsica, chestnuts or orange peels that can be enjoyed hot or cold. 4 months after its launch, the Corsican tea of Callysthé is already available in nearly 60 points of sale in Corsica but also in Paris, Aix, Toulouse, Nantes or Grenoble !

Le thé corse Callysthé à Art'è Gustu

Milk chocolate jam with whisky and chestnuts by O Mà!

Jean-Michel Querci‘s house never stops surprising with its gourmet creations. The latest, a composition made of 55% chestnuts, 19% milk chocolate and a zest of whisky PM Mavela estate.

La confiture au chocolat au lait, Whisky et Châtaigne O Mà!

U Furtunatu by A Dulcezza

With its PDO honey with hazelnuts from Cervione called U Furtunatu, A Dulcezza sublimates local products by imposing its modern touch. Installed since a few months in Folelli, A Dulcezza selects the best raw materials to realize original creations that amaze the senses…

U Furtunatu - Le miel AOP aux noisettes de Cervione de la maison A Dulcezza présent à Art'è Gustu

…and arouse the curiosity of the greatest.

Mercotte et Carlu-Maria Geronimi de la maison A Dulcezza

The next edition is already scheduled for 28 and 29 April 2018 ! Save the date 😉

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  1. Merci de faire connaitre à travers votre article cet évènement culinaire qui on le souhaite deviendra bientôt incontournable… Une belle initiative qui est déjà un succès et que nous recommandons à tous les amateurs de la tradition culinaire Corse, et profitons pour féliciter tous les producteurs des produits insulaires que vous présentez ici.

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