PDO Patrimoniu : A great vintage for great ambitions


PDO Patrimoniu : A great vintage for great ambitions

Last Monday, the wine-makers of the PDO Patrimoniu presented the 2016 vintage. This convivial meeting was of course the opportunity to meet and discover each other’s products but also to present future projects and the new ambitions of the appellation. Interview with Mathieu Marfisi from Clos Marfisi, President of the Patrimoniu PDO.

Interview avec Mathieu Marfisi, Président de l'AOP Patrimonio

How is the 2016 vintage looking ?

Very nice vintage, with at the same time a beautiful maturity and good acidity. This gives fresh, fruity wines and tannins that are particularly blended with the reds.

Dégustation de vin corse pour la présentation du millésime 2016 de l'AOP Patrimonio

What can the “Grand Site de France” label bring to the PDO Patrimoniu ?

Labelling should lead to an increase in the number of visitors to the territory, with a large proportion of agrotourists in particular. This will be a plus for all the farmers and craftsmen of the site.
In addition, the label encourages local authorities to make investments that support the development of viticulture and sustainable development.

Future projects for the Patrimoniu PDO ?

We want to expand the existing events (st Martin, presentation of the vintage, discovery day of organic wines, Trail…) and create new ones especially with the city of Bastia.
The project also includes the establishment of a charter that will govern the production of a red Patrimonio, which will be raised for a longer period of time and which meets the criteria for organic farming. Finally, we want to increase the proportion of organic wine-makers, aiming for 100% within 5 years.


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