Andemu tried the new concept of Mavela distillery

"L'art ne vous tuera pas" A l''entrée du domaine Mavela

Andemu tried the new concept of Mavela distillery

2 years ago, the corsican whisky was named as the world’s 5th best whisky by the Jim Murray’s whisky bible. The Scottish expert was saying about Mavela “A distillery I must get to soon, it’s rare to find a malt with this level of complexity and charm” A sentence that is truer today than yesterday with the new concept launced by the Corsican distillery ! A concept that Andemu tried for you.

The begining
10 minutes from Aleria, the distillery offers you an amazing experience. A mix between history and modernity made with Marcè Lepidi Acquaviva. The young artist from Zilia brought his touch to the corsican distillery. And everything begins from the Domain entrance.

"L'art ne vous tuera pas" A l''entrée du domaine Mavela
“Art won’t kill” Entrance of Mavela distillery

A welcome message that give you an idea about what you gonna see during this visit. A whisky waiter is waiting for you  to bring you into an experience where you will discover both technical, historical and tasting aspects of Mavela distillery.


Discover the corsican whisky process
After the maceration room, you learn how the wisky is made with the Holstein alambic before to discover the old room and how important it is.

L'alambic Holstein - Domaine Mavela
Holstein alambic – Domaine Mavela

In this room are placed barrels recovered from Corsican vineyards. They keep the whisky during several years. We learn that aeration between this room and outside bring all smells and aromas that are contained in a 20Km area around the Domain. That can explains why the corsican whisky is so special.


Back to the future
After technical questions comes the time for history with movie projected in the new Mavela conema. The Hollywoodian cartoon shows the cinema downstairs.

L'affiche du Film by Marcè Lepidi-Acquaviva
L’affiche du Film by Marcè Lepidi-Acquaviva

At the Cinema entrance, you feel like in a spatial flight whose take-off to bring your 20 years ago when Mavela has been created by Jean-Claude Venturini. At the begining, the distillery made only prunes alcohol and then spirits made from corsican fruits as well (châtaignes, cédrats, limoncellu…).

Le Cinéma flambant neuf du domaine Mavela
The new Cinema in the Mavela distillery

A corsican whisky to celebrate the new millenium
The whisky PM was launched after the new millenium arrival. PM : 2 letters for the meeting between 2 know-how : Pietra and its popular beer and Mavela distillery located 10 minutes from Aleria.
After some travels to Scotland and US, both companies made the process in order to make a 100% corsican whisky.
The first P&M whisky is made in 2004, the distillery offers 3 ranges : Blend, Blend Supérieur et Single Malt.


10 years later, a Scottish man brings Corsica to the top of the world


10 years later, the world’s best whisky expert Jim Murray names the P&M Single Malt 7 years old as the 5th world’s best whisky. The corsican whisky becomes the best french wisky and the third european whisky. A reward that allows Mavela to get a place on the international whisky stage.

Le Whisky PM nommé 5ème meilleur du monde par la Bible du whisky de Jim Murray
The  corsican Whisky named as the world’s 5th best whisky by the Jim Murray’s bible

After this history chapter, the tasting is waiting for you behind the curtains. The distillery inserted some instructions to make sure people stay calm while they are waiting for the tasting begining.

"En cas d'urgence, les hommes e le whisky d'abord"
“En cas d’urgence, les hommes e le whisky d’abord”

Underground tasting

This tasting takes place downstair in a old warehouse. Your can test all Mavela products : Liquors, Whiskies are explained by the guide-sommelier.

La salle de dégustation du domaine Mavela
La salle de dégustation du domaine Mavela

The visit ends with the discovering of Mavela shop where you can buy all distillery products and a lot corsican special : wines, jams, cheese, canistrelli…


The Andemu advice

2 years after its consecration and after 6 work months, the Mavela distillery shows that it knows surprise you without lost its identity. A succesfull concept that is the fruit of the meeting between an amazing distillery and a modern corsican artist. An experience that puts together art, taste and history, and that you must get to if you travel through Corsica !
A big thanks to Sébastien, our guide and whisky waiter of the day !


And for those who are not in Corsica…
Where to buy the PM whisky ?

The corsican distillery exports its whisky all over Europe : Germany, Sweden, Holland,  Switzerland, Russia, and since a few time, Mavela sends whisky to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and in Africa. To order your corsican whisky, you can directly contact the distillery by phone by dialing the 04 95 56 63 15 or by sending an email to this adress :

Mavela products are also available on the eshop Le Panier Corse

Let’s finish with this well-know Napoleon quote 😉


"Je reconnaîtrais mon île à l'odeur de son whisky" Napoléon“Je reconnaîtrais mon île rien qu’à l’odeur de son whisky” Napoléon

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