What is Andemu ?


What is Andemu ?

Stop the wrong images about Corsica

Andemu was born in April 2016 from my passion to travels and my attachment to Corsica. After some experiences abroad, I saw that Corsica was not very known, and when people knew it, it was for its beaches. Corsican people were often assimilated to islanders waiting for summer time to get money from tourists.


A Blog to make discover a Corsica open to the world

These unbearable images gave me the idea of ​​creating a blog that would highlight a Corsica open to the world. With Interviews and discoveries, Andemu is the Blog that highlights Corsican people who make things you can find all over the world, make you discovering news of Corsica in the world with the diaspora activities, and talks about corsican people abroad. Andemu is dedicated to everyone who wants to discover an open and creative Corsica.


Talk about Corsica in French and in English

To be understood by everyone, Andemu talks about Corsica in French and in English too !

Have a good visit !