8 reasons why Corsican restaurants should sell 70% of local products

Restaurant U Spuntinu ©Porto Vecchio Toursime

8 reasons why Corsican restaurants should sell 70% of local products
Utopian ? No ! Dario Nardella, the Mayor of the city of Florence in Tuscany launched a law that makes a lot of debates in Italy : Any new business or restaurant that wants to open its doors in the city of Michelangelo must offer 70% of local products! In this report, the mayor says introducing this law to save the identity and soul of Florence threatened by the arrival of fast food chains.

So why what happens in Florence would be impossible to Corsica ? Here are 8 reasons that will show you all positive effects this law would bring to Corsica.

1/ Boost the corsican economy
First reason, when you buy local, you give money to people who live around you, and that maney allows them to invest to improve their products.


2/ Create new jobs in Corsica
The second reason follows the first one. When a producer receives a lot of demand, he has to hire new employees to meet this new demand.

3/ Export corsican products
Imagine you are traveling to an island, you have a dinner in a good restaurant that gives you lovely local products. You will probably ask the waiter where you can find out these products to bring them back with you, no ?

export des produits corses et confitures corses. imposer les restaurants corses à servir des produits locaux
The Brocciu Jam O Mà fait in Strasbourg

4/ Give a better image of Corsica
Italy has the most beautiful cities and landscapes of Southern Europe. Anyway the first thing people think when they are talking about Italy is gastronomy. And everybody want to go somewhere where we knows we will discover lovely food no ?

Améliorer l'image de la Corse grâce à la cuisine corse - imposer produits corses dans restaurants corses
The discovery of corsican gastronomy part of the 10 reasons why people come to Corsica according to the Corsican Tourism Agency

5/ Attract new visitors

Tourists who come for something else than beach and sun, travelers that come all along the year to boost the island’s economy…

6/ Boost local business

Induce Corsican people to go to local restaurants with the assurance to eat products made in Corsica.

Le totebag corse Miccanome I'm not a tourist, I live here. Pourquoi imposer les produits locaux dans les restaurants corses ?

7/ Become independant from our marines friends
A long time ago, Corsican were affraid when they saw boats arriving from the sea due to the invasions risks. Today there are some periods when they are waiting for ferries like if God would come to Corsica. Why ? Because sometimes, marines labor organizations are organizing operations to protest against bad things that hit their companies. But that operations kill Corsica because, products do not arrive anymore to the island during these no-working periods.

grève à la sncm. pourquoi imposer les restaurateurs corses à proposer des produits locaux
Become independant from our marines friends

8/ Reduce pollution
Instead of import things that come from thousands Km, buy them in Corsica could allow to reduce pollution made by transport.


So what are we waiting for ?

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