8 reasons you should support Iceland


8 reasons you should support Iceland 

Between the sister island and the friendly country, Corsicans do not know which team they should support before the Euro quarter final between France and Iceland. Andemu made its choice and explains you why it choosed to support Iceland tomorrow… And the most important, why Iceland will win versus France !

1/ An island with 330 000 people, that is not common

Between Europe and America, and at the entry of the polar artic circle, Iceland is a little island that gets the same population than Corsica. A little island that will play versus a big country og 65 millions people in Euro quarter final…

euro 2016 : le miracle de l'islande
Une île de 330 000 habitants avec 100 joueurs Pro

2/ We found the Jean Pruneta’s cousin 

After 4 Iceland Championship titles and a big coach career,  Gudmundur Benediktsson has begun a mondial idol during this Euro…

3/ The same songs than in Furiani

Bastia fans and Iceland fans get this song in commin but who of them created that ? The “HOU” song is actually borned in Motherwell stadium, Scotland, a song inspired by an other one “Since I was young” 

4/ A beer national day

Icelandic people stayed 77 years without drink any beer… That was the consequence of the 1908 referendum that made illegal the sell of alcool. This total prohibition ended in 1921, untill Spain sayed to Iceland “If you do not buy our Spanish wines, we do not buy your Icelandic fish”  

The 1935 referendum made legal the sell of spirits and hard alcools. But beers with a higher rate than 2.25% stayed illegal until March 1st 1985… This day the Icelandic parliament made the “beer law”. From this day, Icelandic people can drink beer… From this day, the March 1st of each year became the Beer National Day in Iceland.

5 /Islanders with 2 languages

A land of volcanoes and ice circle by water where english and icelandic are official languages… That is too beautiful !


6/ 10% of Icelandic people in the French stadium since 3 weeks

Last year, Corsica sent 30 000 fans to Paris to support the Sporting Club de Bastia versus Paris Saint Germain incoupe de la ligue final! Icelandic make better by sending 10% of their country during a full month in France 

7/ The last time France played versus a 330 000 people island, it lost

Yes Iceland never won versus France, but the last time France played versus a 330 000 people island, France lost

match de foot entre l'équipe de france et la corse
Squadra Corsa 2 – 0 Equipé de France

8/ Deschamps made a deal with Iceland

In addition to lead a selection to Euro, Heimir Hallgrímsson, the second coach of the Icelandic team is a part-time dentist… Dentist, coach but also a good strategist, Heimir Hallgrimsson would offered to Didier Deschamps, the coach of the French team,  to remake its teeths for free. But there is a condition : Iceland has to win the game ! Deschamps concluded the deal with the Icelandic dentist…

les dents de didier deschamps vont être refaites à l'issue du match france-islande - euro 2016
Un sourire pour Deschamps

So which team do you support ?

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