10 things the world owes to Corsica

En cette journée mondiale de la Corse, le blog Andemu a jugé bon de rappeler ce que le monde doit à la Corse

From Corte to Washington via Tokyo, Corsica is in the spotlight throughout the world on Tuesday 9th January. Initiated by Edmond Simeoni, World Corsica Day aims to reveal to the 4 corners of the world the initiatives from Corsica and its diaspora. And if we took advantage of this day to remind what the world owes to Corsica ?

The fragrance

If you can wear it today, tell yourself it’s because of him. After 1 year of initiation in Grasse, François Coty had a revolutionary idea : Rather than creating a fragrance exclusively composed of natural scents, intended for the elite of society, as the profession did at the time, he decided to combine these natural scents with organic synthetic products. The goal : To sell the fragrance at a much lower price and make it a product accessible to all. 20 years later, François Coty became a multi-billionaire, making him one of the richest men in the world.



The High School Diploma

Corsican professionals of tourism are fed up evry year : The High School Diploma and its endless tests which lead the beginning of July. Except that this diploma was invented by Napoleon Bonaparte by a decree in October 1808. A diploma to keep tourists away from Ajaccio just as the Emperor was returning to recharge his batteries in his Milelli villa? Probably his greatest find !



While the construction work on the Fesch High School was begening, a Corsican discovered the new world in 1492. Christopher Columbus, thinking he was reaching India, set foot in America. In the absence of an official birth certificate, several theories exist about its origins. Meanwhile, thousands of curious people hurry each year to Calvi to discover his native house.


The American Constitution

Pasquale Paoli created the first constitution of the modern world in 1755, granting women the right to vote 200 years before France. Based on the principles of separation of powers and universal suffrage, the Corsican constitution inspired the American constitution drafted a few years later. To this end, nearly a dozen American cities still bear the name of Paoli or Corsica.



On 26th July 1908 Charles-Joseph Bonaparte, Napoleon I’s grandson, created the FBI. His territory, his constitution, his police… Decidedly, before erecting its walls, Donald Trump will have to keep in mind that he owes a lot to Corsica.



The biggest brand in the world also has its roots in Corsica, more precisely in Pero-Casevecchie. It was there that Angelo Mariani was the first to prepare a drink from coca leaves, which he mixed with Bordeaux wine. Mariani Wine quenched some of the greatest names of the 19th century. Recognized by Pope Pius X and Leo XIII, he inspired the creation of Coca-Cola. Today, the invigorating Mariani wine is back to conquer the world with Christophe Mariani who brings the beverage up to date.

And nowadays…

The ring of power

Who would have thought that the single ring would be forged in Corsica ? A ring that recognizes its wearer, a ring to govern them all… Scheduled for sale in 2018, the ICARE ring will replace your keys and your means of payment. An object that is likely to be talked about in the coming months… and it already started this week at CES Las Vegas 😉

L'anneau de pouvoir forgé en Corse. Il remplacera vos clefs et carte bancaire en 2017. Le blog Andemu est parti à la rencontre de jeremy et fabien, ces créateurs

The 1st e-bike sharing for hotels

At a time of global warming and when tourists travel more than locals at certain times, AppeBike is the 1st application that allows everyone to rent self-service electric bikes to move quickly and ecologically from hotels. The startup was born in 2017 in Ajaccio by installing its self-service electric bicycles in 25 partner hotels in Corsica. The application allows passengers to take an electric bicycle from a nearby hotel, unlock it, and connect, via routes, to points of interest in the regions they visit while respecting the environment. 3 months after its launch, the island startup was elected one of the 3 most innovative startups at the Paris International Tourism Exhibition IFTM and this week presents its innovation at CES Las Vegas !

La 1st bathroom sharing platform

Who has never felt like, in the middle of a long day, taking a shower to recover ? But if you are far from home, this desire can quickly turn into a nightmare… Like many others, Jean-Charles Villanova experienced it during a trip abroad.  From there came the idea of a crazy project : Create a system that would find a bathroom nearby wherever you are in the world. From this idea was born a start-up. Founded by 4 young Corsicans, Wateroom was born in 2017 and already counts its first users in Australia !


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