8 corsican gifts for Mother’s day

Paréo corse Mare di Latte - idée cadeau corse originale pour la fête des mères

8 corsican gifts for Mother’s day 

As usual, you are waiting till the last minute to think about what you could offer to your mother ? And you do not have any idea ? Fortunately Andemu made a list of 8 original gifts for Mother’s day. To be sure you will find the good one for your mother, this selection was established according 3 rules :

  • Originality
  • Gift 100% made in Corsica
  • Out of Corsica delivery (overwise it is useless  :) )

1/ The most practical : The “Paréo malin” from Mare di Latte
This unique size piece can be worn in different ways : From beach to cozy evenings, this pareo will follow your mom everywhere ! Available on the LULISHOP website. 

(Re)discover the interview with the Corsican marketplace LULISHOP

Paréo corse Mare di Latte - idée cadeau corse originale pour la fête des mères
The Mare di Latte “paréo malin” – Available from 65€ on Lulishop website

2/ For overbooked Mom : The Pianu ambiance vaporisator made by Solyvia
Solyvia made a vaporisator which contains an anti-stress fragrance. These essential oils make your mind peaceful and reduce nervuous tensions. This corsican product brings citrus, verbean, herbs, green tea, and cinnamon scents followed by amber and cedar wood scents… An anti-stress available on Corsica Beauty

(Re)discover the interview with the Corsican cosmetics website Corsica Beauty

diffuseur parfum corse anti-stress solyvia - idée cadeau corse pour la fête des mères
The anti-stress vaporisator Pianu Solyvia – Available on Corsica Beauty website at 40€ (250ml)

3/ For the Aiaccina Mom
She never goes out without her Vuiton and Louboutin ? Offer your Mom the funniest gift ever with the Miccanome Totebag whose will follow her all along summer to the beach. A corsican totebag to buy on the Hypsica website

idée cadeau fête des mères : le totebag corse miccanome pour aller à la plage
The totebag “Chì tanti Vuiton” – Available on Hypsica at 14€

4/ For the sentimental Mom
She talks about her photo souvenirs during each family dinners ? Then you should offer her this wonderful driftwood frame made in Aregnu ! She will put her best pics in a unique support.  Each frame made by C’Era una volta is a unique piece ! Delivery between 2 and 4 buisness days. Available on LULISHOP.

cadre en bois flotté corse pour la fête des mères
Driftwood frame 20cmX30cm by C’era una volta – Available on LULISHOP at 25€

5/For a unique mom… a unique clutch !
A handwork made by Pascal Giacomini in Urtaca, this clutch made with brown calf is send to you in a 48h delay by LULISHOP.

pochette en veau corse de pascal giacomini en vente sur Lulishop - cadeau original fête des meres
Clutch 01 24X28cm made by Pascal Giacomini – Available on LULISHOP at 180€

6/ She will always have the good reason to say NO
With this tee-shirt “je ne peux pas, je monte au village” (I can’t, I have to go to village) she will always have a good reason to not do things that she does not want to do ! Available on the Va bè website.

idée cadeau corse fête des mères : le tee shirt va bè
The Tee-Shirt “Je peux pas, je dois monter au village” – Available on Va Bè at 29€

7/The most complete : The Mother’s day box by Corsica Beauty

Corsica Beauty made a box with 4 corsican cosmetics products : the massage oil Realia, the corsican monoï, the Roll-on Take it Easy by Solyvia and finally the floral water myrtle. This Mother’s day Box is available on Corsica Beauty

coffret de cosmétiques corses pour la fête des mères - corsica beauty
The Moher’s Day Box by Corsica Beauty – 49.90€

8/ For the coquette Mom
The E-Shop Hypsica sends you in less than a week one of the necklace made by Izi.mi in Porto-Vecchio. Available from 28.80€ on the Hypsica shop.

collier corse à offrir pour la fête des mères


So what is your choice ? Leave a comment to say us !

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