5 Corsican startups at CES Las Vegas

CES Las Vegas : Le plus grand événement high tech du monde


The world’s largest high-tech event

200,000 visitors, 7,000 journalists, 3,600 exhibitors and nearly 20,000 new products launched, all within 4 days in a space of 239,000 m2, the equivalent of 50 American football stadiums… Las Vegas becomes the center of the world from 9th to 12th January, and this year again, the high tech world mass is counting 5 Corsican start-ups.

3 of them have been selected and supported by the Agency for Economic Development of Corsica (ADEC) to be supported in order to prepare and take part of this event that is essential in the world of innovation :

Icare Techologies

The start-up, which has developed a ring to replace your car keys, house keys and credit card, will be on the CES stage for the second year in a row to showcase its innovation.

D'où vient le projet ICARE ?


Younger, Nubeus develops digital solutions designed to be intuitive, accessible to the greatest number of people and compatible with the most widespread software in the world, with projects for the development of connected objects (IOT).



3 months after being elected among the 3 most innovative startups of the year at the Paris International Tourism Fair, the startup that creates self-service e-bike networks accessible from hotels via a mobile application goes to Las Vegas to unveil its innovation on the world stage.


Two other startups will also travel to the US: The first, Qwant Music, a subsidiary of Qwant, devotes significant resources to the development of an independent search engine in Europe, with its own web index and innovative technologies. The second, Polytopes, develops a cultural application that puts to music the places we travel through.

The future of Corsican economy 

“It is the economy of the future of Corsica that is becoming clearer and it is the rank of Corsica in the world which, with great humility, is being organised and prepared “comments Jean Christophe Angelini, ADEC chairman

The year begins well therefore for Corsican Tech, to follow on Andemu!

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